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Halftime show gives candidates last chance to sway football fans

Nov 6th, 2012 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News, Sport

Images: ESPN

BARACK Barack Obama and Mitt Romney got a last chance to sway voters ahead of tomorrow US election after appearing during halftime of Monday Night Football.

Both candidates had three minute pre-recorded interviews with show host Chris Berman on topics that had a sports related theme.

Obama was on first and says he sees similarities between champion sports teams defending titles and himself returning to the oval office for another term.

“I really do believe it has to do with staying focused and not being distracted by your own hype and the critics,” says Obama.

“The truth with sports and politics is we’re all human, we make mistakes, sometimes we perform well, but the key is to just stay focused on what it is that you’re doing.”

“In sports its winning championships, but in politics it’s not winning elections, its making sure your delivering for the folks who sent you.”

Mr Obama has an opinion on a variety of sports and was one of the leading speakers for changing college football from a one-off championship game to a playoff system.

“Promises made, promises kept,” says Obama when asked about the new playoff format which now gives four teams a shot at the championship instead of two.

“This was something I said needed to get done, and this is the kind of change you can believe in.”

Talking sports ‘banter’ comes natural to Obama who is a big fan of Chicago sports teams.

He claimed with a big smile that the Chicago Bears were contenders for this year’s Super Bowl and had the best defense in football today.

Romney isn’t as well related with mainstream sport, but came on the show and held his own.

When asked if he had a favourite football team, Romney responded with the New England Patriots.

“I’ve lived in Massachusetts now 40 years and I take full responsibility for their two Super Bowl wins as well as the Red Sox winning the World Series,” says a chuckling Romney.

“Hey, as a governor who gets blamed when things go wrong, you may as well take the credit for what goes right.”

In 2002, Romney was heavily involved in the organisation of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Utah.

“It’s a place where you see beneath the surface of an individual human being and you come away inspired,” says Romney in response to how will his time working with the Olympics help serve him in the White House.

“I got a chance at the Olympics to see the great qualities of the human spirit, you see people pushed to their limit and who are able to dig extraordinarily deep with the determination and passion.”

Romney finished by saying the one thing he would change in sports today was the use of athletes taking performance enhancing drugs.

“We’re going to have to change the culture of people using sports enhancing drugs, because it’s simply not acceptable,” says Romney.

“We have to continue to battle and we have to make sure our technology keeps up with the people trying to skirt around the law.”

The segment finished with Mr Berman encouraging Americans to vote when the polls opened and have their say on election day.

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