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Friday, 26 April 2019 11:46 am

Passionate Republican gives an insight into US political divide

Nov 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Editor's Picks, Latest News, News

THE UPCOMING presidential election will be the most important in recent history, says a committed Republican who typifies the political divide in the US.

“This is likely to be more important than Abraham Lincoln’s election before the American Civil war,” says Will Dunniway above, of Corona, California.

NewsWire spoke to Mr Dunniway in a Skype and email interview.

“The U.S will either go socialist, or stay the same,” says the passionate anti-Democrat.

Mr Dunniway believes President Barack Obama is using the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to his advantage to pull votes.

“He’s trying to show himself as the big rescuer,” he says.

However, he believes Obama’s actions will not work.

“The people will be just as [angry] with him next week when they vote as they have always been.”

Mr Dunniway, whose is an internationally recognised expert in the art of wet-plate photography, and who has friends in the field in New Zealand, says the outcome of the American election will ultimately affect this country.

“Wherever America goes, New Zealand will follow,” says Mr Dunniway.

“New Zealand is unfortunately living in the shadow of the United States.”

When asked for his views on Obama’s policies, he replied: “Here is an article that summarizes a lot of my issues not only with Obimbo but the D party as well. Serious stuff.”

The Minute Men News’ article on ‘The Alternate Universe of an American Democrat’, states Democrats are “offended by the Bible, prayer, capitalism, and borders”.

It goes on to say: “The Democrat party’s presidential candidate, “Barack Hussein Obama” (aka Captain Destruct-O) has been endorsed by assorted communists and dictators from around the globe, including the Castros of Cuba, Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin.

“No one with ‘two brain cells’ to rub together could possibly believe that these dictators support Obama because they love America and are concerned for our well-being.

“The Democrats always talk about how Republicans will take ‘this’ away and Republicans will ‘take’ that away – but it’s the Democrats that actually take stuff – like Bibles, Happy Meals, large drinks, jobs, The Ten Commandments, crosses, Christmas in schools…”

While Corona has a Republican representative, California is a primarily Democrat state and currently has a Democrat governor.

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