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Thursday, 21 March 2019 03:40 pm

Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett is Obama all the way

NICK Leggett has made it clear where he stands on the US Election – he’s an Obama man.

The Porirua City Mayor updated his Facebook status this morning, saying “GO Obama!” which resulted in almost 70 “likes” from his followers.

Mr Leggett’s post generated some supportive comments, such as “With bells on!”, “crossing my socialist fingers” and “I agree, the other bloke [Romney] is a ***”.

However, a couple of Romney supporters raised their heads, with comments such as “GO ROMNEY!” and “Romney all the way” – even generating some “likes” on their comments.

One follower cautioned that anyone could win at this stage “if the Melbourne cup was anything to go by.”

The same person said he hoped America would “get the power back on” so that New Yorkers could watch the live telecast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

ALL THE WAY: Nick Legett gives Obama his thumbs up

Another follower showed their more cynical side, with the comment “Boot them all out.”

NewsWire kept track of the Facebook buzz regarding the election, and New Zealand users emerged as excited and hopeful about the election.

Comments made included, “I hoping when I wake up Obama will still be president,” and “I would consider it a great birthday present if you actually voted, and an amazing present if you voted for Obama!”

One user, an American living in New Zealand, heartily encouraged her fellow US citizens to vote.

“I’m 82973570935903573573045 miles away and I have voted! If you haven’t then you are just f***ing lazy… and stupid!,” read her status.

US-based Americans, however, seemed more jaded.

“Some people are gathering to watch election returns. I gathered to watch Champions League,” said one.

On Twitter, celebrities are beginning to make updates about the election.

Popstar Justin Bieber tweeted, “I’m 18, but I can’t vote. I’m Canadian.”

British actor and comedian John Cleese said, “Presidential election today when we finally find out just how batty America is.”

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