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British filmmaker brings Gaza conflict to Wellington

Feb 2nd, 2013 | By | Category: Latest News, News

BRITISH filmmaker Harry Fear is bringing the Gaza conflict to Wellington on Sunday.

Mr Fear, pictured above, is travelling the world with a multimedia presentation titled “Reporting Aggression”.

The event is being staged at the 19 Tory St community space and organised by Kia Ora Gaza, an aid group that sent convoys of humanitarian supplies from New Zealand to the Palestinian city.

Veteran Palestine activist and community worker Roger Fowler was also in Gaza at the time, and says Mr Fear “reports honestly as he sees it”.

“He’s built up quite a name for himself and is on a world tour with quite a substantial presentation,” says Mr Fowler.

Mr Fear’s work in Gaza gained attention first through social media, and then reporting for the international English-language news channel RT.

His coverage included using a laptop to livestream audio of the street outside and allowing listeners across the world to hear bomb blasts.

While in Gaza, Mr Fear interviewed leaders from Palestinian political movements such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The interviews posted on Youtube earned him praise from many viewers, but others were more critical and accused him of helping to give such groups credibility.

Asked to comment on the film tour, the Israeli embassy said New Zealanders would be able to make up their own minds about the content.

“If his film intends to show the source or the cause of Israeli aggression in Gaza during Operation Pillar of Defence, Gaza is definitely the best place to begin with, as this is the place where recognized terror organizations have been launching in the last 10 years thousands of missiles and rockets into Israel and disrupted the lives of more than a million Israelis,” says spokesperson Patricia Deen.

“We are confident that most New Zealanders know and understand that Israel is a democratic state that seeks peace and sympathise more with Israel’s basic values and not with those of the terrorist organizations in Gaza.”

Mr Fowler says a lot has changed in Gaza since his last visit in 2010.

“There’s a great sense of hope since the Arab Spring, or the Arab awakening you could call it,” he says.

“Israel is becoming more and more isolated, the recent vote at the UN is an example of that. In its current form, Israel’s days are numbered.”

The United Nations General Assembly voted in November last year to grant Palestine ‘non-member state’ observer status.

Mr Fear will be speaking at the 19 Tory St community centre at 5pm this Sunday.


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