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Friday, 25 May 2018 08:50 am

Fringe installation sees ‘whales’ returned to the sea

A STRANDED pod of whales was successfully re-floated in one of the first NZ Fringe Festival installations.

The whales, members of performance group Binge Culture, appear in Civic Square on Saturday afternoon.

The clearly distressed whales are directed to the sea by volunteers.

Members of the public soon join the crusade, and help herd the whales towards the sea.

The whales collapse near the water, where volunteers wait anxiously for a chance to re-float them.

By now, a growing crowd is on hand to keep the whales calm.  Bottles of water, buckets, and a watering can are loaned to the public, who use them to keep the whales hydrated.

After a round of clapping, which encourages the whales into the water, they are successfully returned to the sea.

Binge Culture are putting on two shows as part of the Fringe Festival, Beep Test and For Your Future Guidance. Details of both can be found here.

Fringe installations will take place every day in Civic Square for the duration of the Fringe, beginning at midday.


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