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Saturday, 21 April 2018 09:00 pm

Wellingtonians hold on to their beloved showers in water crisis

Mar 19th, 2013 | By | Category: Latest News, News

A 15-MINUTE shower is too important for people to give up despite the threat of a major water shortage, judging by people spoken to on Wellington streets.

As local councils push for water saving actions, city residents would prefer to water their gardens less, rather than abandon their showers.

Based on the 15 people spoken to,Wellingtonians showered for 14.4 minutes on average.

Times differed due to the maintenance of personal hygiene, such as washing hair and shaving legs or faces.

Five minutes was the least amount of time and 30 minutes was the longest.

However, all but two people were reluctant to go into detail with NewsWire about their showering habits.

Sara Kidd left, Mount Cook, says the time she spends in the shower is different in the morning than it is at night.

“I like to use the shower to wake up in the morning whereas at night I’m in for a short while,” she says.

Paul Johnston right, Mount Victoria, says the lack of water in the city does not concern him when he is showering.

The Wellington City Council’s “Home Energy Saver Programme” allow households to buy products that reduce bills, including water usage.

Home&dry, a New Zealand wide insulation company, in conjunction with the council, offers free assessments for houses to establish a plan to save money.

One of those products is a low flow showerhead that can reduce a normal shower emitting 24 litres per minute to eight and half litres on a mains pressure system.

It retails for $150 but as part of the programme the council are paying half.

The council’s senior policy advisor of the climate change office, Zach Rissel says showers are important to people and understand if they are hesitant to alter them.

“We have had zero complaints about the new shower improvements but some people are reluctant to change it, just in case it gets worse,” he says.

“The number one drive of this programme is to allow households to be warmer and more comfortable, or have more people informed about how they can do that.”

The programme launched in August 2011, and has assessed 857 homes with 444 of those homes purchasing energy saving products since January this year.

“We have had a lot of interest in the water saving products, and we are expecting that to increase,” says Home&dry’s business co-ordinator CJ Berry.

“But the biggest concern for households at the moment, is high power bills,” he says.

The Energy Saver Programme can be found on the Wellington City Council and Home&dry websites.

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