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Tuesday, 19 March 2019 09:28 am

Petitions bump into each other over Lyall Bay street fight

Apr 1st, 2013 | By | Category: Editor's Picks, Latest News, News

TWO PETITIONS will battle it out over speed bumps in Queens Drive Lyall Bay.

An e-Petition on the Wellington City Council website led by local resident Cynthia Knight is already building numbers to bring speed bumps to Queens Drive and Freyberg Street.

The council has also received a petition on paper opposing speed bumps, says council transport and logistics co-ordinator Emma Hope.

“At the moment there are two petitions, one for and, one against. But both will be placed before council for consideration.”

Ms Knight, left, and other Queens Drive residents are banding together to slow speeding drivers past Lyall Bay School.

“We are petitioning the Welllington City Council to install speed humps along Queens Drive from Cockburn Street to Tavistock Road, and along Freyberg Street to Whā Road,” says Ms Knight.

The mother of four has 10–year-old son Knute, left, at Lyall Bay School.

“He has to walk up Queens Drive to get to a crossing, or I have to walk him across the busy road.”

“The road get full of trucks, buses, and cars at all hours of the day. It needs to be addressed,” she says.

Lyall Bay school principal Dennis Thompson, left, says he is supportive of any initiative to make getting to and from school as safe as possible for parents and students.

 Mr Thompson wants schools to have the same speed restrictions as retail areas.

“The Wellington City Council doesn’t have a regulation of 40km around schools, yet retail have speed limits.”

Ms Hope says some work has been done to investigate speed issues along Queens Drive by installing “visual feedback” machines, right, which show car speeds.

However Mr Thompson says it is not operating.

“They’ve gone to the expense of putting the box up there, but it has not worked to my knowledge.”

Ms Hope says the best option could involve flashing school signs with Jack and Jill signs, but no speed restrictions.

“During 3-4pm, 85% of traffic is at 48 km/h,” she says, referring to council research.

1 ZOOMING along Freyberg Street, Lyall Bay School on route to the intersection with Queens Drive.

Parents crossing their children at the Freyberg Street entrance to Lyall Bay School.
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  1. Very interesting story I hope the Counci listens to the residents of Queens Drive. Very well written

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