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Thursday, 25 April 2019 11:45 pm

Campus students and staff become the butt of new smoking ban

A no smoking sign at victoria campus

One of the signs at Victoria University’s Te Aro campus reminding students of the new regulations.

VICTORIA UNIVERSITY has made all of its campuses smokefree this week after consultation with staff and students showing 72% in favour of the ban.

The new regulations mean that smokers will have to go on to public land if they want to smoke.

Large posters and signage have gone up around the campuses and it is expected that Kelburn Parade will become the main smoking area for campus users.

Victoria University Student William Odey (20) says: “It’s probably good, healthy for students. They don’t need that sort of money burden. Students are poor enough already.”

Another student Alexis Dykman (20) says: “I think that it’s a really good idea. I don’t like walking around when people smoke over there.”

Victoria University has a list of resources available to students wanting to quit smoking on their website including information on the Quitline service.

ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) spokesperson Grant Hocking says: “Experience would tell us that people will quit in response to the policy.”

It is hard to measure the impact of this type of regulation on the Quitline phone service, he says. Most people will go “cold turkey”, which has a success rate of only 5% at 12 months.

Victoria University follows other tertiary education providers in the region, including University of Otago Wellington (medical school) and Whitireia Community Polytechnic, which are also smokefree.

An ASH tertiary study completed in 2010 found 25% of universities had by then become smokefree.

Cigarette butts on Victoria University grounds.

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