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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 12:10 pm

Hot dogs, cherry picker used in ACC protest

Hot dogs and a cherry picker were used to disrupt the footpath outside ACC head office in Wellington this week to publicise a $4.6 million claim.

Supporters of Mike Dixon-McIver’s gathered for the protest which attracted several media outlets.

They had planned a “barbecue protest” but were stopped by council by-laws about barbecues at public footpaths, so hot dogs were served from the back of Mr Dixon-McIver’s car.

Mike Dixon-McIver, is claiming $4.69 million in compensation after ACC’s bid to have Mr Dixon-McIver convicted of fraud were thrown out of court.

While the case was decided in 2008, it was only in January this year that ACC was ordered to pay all of Mr Dixon-McIver’s legal costs.

Judge Michael Behrens said Mr Dixon was “without blame” and ordered ACC to pay for all Mr Dixon-McIver’s legal costs.

He had been helping many people deal with ACC claims since 1992 as an advocate.

His supporters said Mr Dixon-McIver, left, was not being given a chance by ACC.

“All we are saying is give Mike a chance to have his claim considered and reasons heard,” says Letitia Ellison, whose husband Ian was helped by Mr Dixon-McIver.

The advocate has claimed compensation for points which include negligence, loss of earnings and trauma of the six year legal process he was put through.

His wife, Jolene, says the response from ACC on 9 May states his claims do not deserve merit.

“I hope this will make them understand there are consequences for people who are affected by ACC’s decisions, and so they should face consequences too,” said Mr Dixon-McIver.

ACC says the $13,000 in legal fees has been fully paid.

Senior media advisor Glenn Donovan stated in an email that ACC is happy to sit down with Mr Dixon-McIver.

“ACC is happy to sit down with Mr Dixon-McIver to explore reasonable ways to address his concerns.”

“It’s not helpful if Mr Dixon-McIver insists that mediation proceeds on the basis of his unrealistic demand that ACC pays him $4.69 million.”

Mr Dixon said he would protest outside the building and wait for “as long as it takes” for his claim to be heard.





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  1. Well reported, very grateful.
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