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Wednesday, 25 April 2018 07:48 pm

Hutt Valley teenager to perform at Comedy Festival

Kahui Beach at his home in Pomare

TAITA COLLEGE funny guy Kahui Beach (17) will be performing at this year’s Comedy Festival in Wellington.

Kahui, who lives in Pomare, will appear in the show Fist of Triumph alongside five other 16 to 18-year-old graduates of the Class Comedians high school programme.

He was chosen out of multiple Taita College students for the programme.

The Class Comedians programme is run by the NZ Comedy Trust and gives comedic training to college students by helping them develop their creative process and performing in front of audiences.

It aims to foster high school student’s future involvement in the comedy industry.

Kahui intends to pursue comedy as a career. He wants to see the world and experience things doing stand-up.

“I like getting a reaction from the crowd and that feeling when someone finds something you find really funny, it’s a good feeling,” says Kahui.

The third night of the Comedy Festival show will be gig number 24 for Kahui.

Since he is not yet 18, he cannot perform in bars without parental supervision.

“I’m only 17 so I’ve been fortunate to be able to get certain gigs where I haven’t had to, and that is how I’ve been operating since the beginning of this year,” he says.

Though he has not performed in the festival before, he is looking forward to the exposure and getting his name out there.

He says each festival has had its moments, and there is usually a good mixture of New Zealand and overseas talent.

Kahui wishes there were more places to perform outside of Auckland, which is the best place for young comedians to build up their skills and technique.

“If Wellington, or other places like Wellington, could have more amateur comedy nights, I’d like to see that.”

The Class Comedians alumni have been showing off their comedy prowess at the past three festivals.

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