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Public parks and halls the new gym for group fitness training

May 16th, 2013 | By | Category: Latest News, News

A NEW wave of fitness has hit the region’s parks with boot camps getting people out of bed and into action.

The work-outs which start as early as 6am attract numbers because of the timing and group style, say two trainers.

CQfit owner Chas Quinn, right, runs a training camp on the Petone Esplanade and says the friendly atmosphere of the camps attracts people.

“If you had a chat to a lot of the people that come, they’re here more for the social aspect of it,” Mr Quinn.

Nigel Tapsell, 40, is one regular at the Mr Quinn’s sessions.“If it wasn’t for the group, I wouldn’t be here.”

Each workout is slightly different but usually consists of a circuit of exercises varying from push-ups and weight resistance to sprints and sit-ups.

Scott Falconer, left, trainer for The Weights Room, runs boot camps in Petone Recreation Ground and Upper Hutt and says having the camps in cheap group sessions also attracts numbers.

“I think people like the personal training side of things, but to do it in a group is cheaper for them and it’s more fun because there is heaps of people to encourage and work alongside.”

Both trainers do their camps on both public and private grounds.

Mr Falconer has an agreement to use Silverstream School Hall and Mr Quinn uses the Empire Table Tennis hall for indoor sessions.

Similar activity in public parks on Australia’s Gold Coast prompted calls for curbs earlier this year, but Lower Hutt City Council is not concerned.

The council was not aware of training camps on public grounds but media and communications advisor Warren Inkster did not think it was a problem.

“As long as they are not disturbing the peace,” Mr Inkster says.

Jenny Woodward, a lawyer who attends the Petone Recreation Ground boot camp, is motivated by attending the early morning trainings.

“Someone makes me work at a boot-camp. At a gym you’re going by your own willpower.”

With many people having busy schedules, training early was a good way to get exercise done, says Mr Falconer.

Mr Quinn, who is against calling the trainings boot camp, believes there is no excuse for not exercising.“There is always time. It’s just how bad you want it.”

Mr Quinn says he enjoys the early morning sessions most when he sees someone achieve something.

“It’s exciting when you can see someone how elated someone is when they can achieve something so small. That’s exciting. That’s what gets me going.”



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  1. Interesting article. Just wondering how to get in touch with this fitness group. Would you have any contact details?


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