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Cool-down in Australia timely, says recruiter

Jun 3rd, 2013 | By | Category: Lead Story, News


A COOLING OFF in Australia’s mining has helped recruiters for Christchurch’s rebuild.

Recruitment firm Coverstaff has noticed the change, says sales and marketing director Clive Murden.

“There is less of a pull to Australia due to a cooling down in jobs, meaning fewer kiwis are leaving for work,” Mr Murden says.

“Mining has been pulled back out of the East Coast, which has in the past pulled kiwis over to Australia.”

Statistics New Zealand’s International Travel and Migration April 2013, released monthly, shows that compared to April 2012 there was a 20% decrease of New Zealanders moving to Australia last month.

There were 4500 departures in April 2012 compared with 3500 in 2013.

This has also reflected in people moving from Australia to New Zealand.

In April 2012 there were 1040 people recorded as migrants from Australia compared with 1449 in April 2013, a 40% increase.

“Kiwis are coming back from Australia and finding more jobs here,” says Mr Murden.

“Kiwis moving back tend to go to either Auckland or Christchurch.

“We have seen a movement in jobs within construction and infrastructure, and in most jobs associated with these,” says Mr Murden.

Other recruitment firms such as Recruitment Reliance are also finding more work for New Zealanders in Christchurch.

“There have been attempts to source people from domestic centres rather than international markets,” says Warren Kemp, director of Recruitment Reliance.

However another recruitment firm was finding more people with the required infrastructure and construction skills in Europe.

“We are finding that mainly people from the UK and Ireland are coming over to Christchurch as they have the skill needed for the rebuild,” said the spokesperson, who asked that the company not be named.

Other statistics in the release also show the net change of people moving in and out of New Zealand was an increase of 8782 for the year ending April 2013.

The figure represents an increase of almost 10% of people moving into New Zealand compared to the previous year.

The highest net gains of migrants to New Zealand for the year ending April 2013 were from the United Kingdom with 6200, followed by China with 5400 and India with 4900.

UK arrivals are up by 15% (848) compared to April 2012, down almost 50% on the December 2012 quarter, and down 2% (14,412) compared to the year ending April 2012.

China’s migrant numbers are up by 6% (475) compared to April 2012, up almost 25% on the December quarter and up almost 2% (7894) compared to the year ending April 2012.

India’s arrivals are up by over 25% (434) compared to April 2012, up almost 50% on the December quarter and down 2.5% (6416) compared to the year ending April 2012.





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