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Friday, 19 April 2019 12:21 am

Tourist numbers stay up high after the Rugby World Cup surge

Jun 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Uncategorized

AFTER the boost of the Rugby World Cup two years ago, tourist numbers to New Zealand have stayed up, according to Statistics New Zealand.

In the year of the Rugby World Cup, 100,000 more people came to New Zealand than the year before, up to 2.615 million from 2.516 million.

Instead of dropping back, tourist numbers have increased again by 471 to 2.616 million in the year ending April 2013, says the latest International Travel and Migration update for.

While numbers are up, that may not automatically flow on to jobs.

Claire Huxley, marketing director for the International Travel College (ITC), says the number of jobs for students coming out of ITC hadn’t changed much.

“It depended on the tourism season as to how many workers employers were looking for,” she says.

“Our focus is always on getting our graduates a job in the industry, and we get involved with events such as the Rugby World Cup and the Americas Cup to help our students see what the industry is like.

“But it isn’t uncommon for graduates to get a part-time job before entering the industry.

“There are more good job opportunities for experienced people.” She says.

According to Deborah Gray, communications manager for Tourism New Zealand, tourism supports 119,800 direct and some 67,100 indirect full-time equivalent jobs, or 9.6% of the workforce in New Zealand.

“Increasing visitor numbers means more business for the tourism industry, as visitors purchase products like accommodation, activities as well as food and drink while they travel the country.

“International tourism is a key part of the tourism industry for New Zealand. For the year ended March 2012, international tourism expenditure in New Zealand was NZD 9.6 billion. Around 2.6 million international visitors come to New Zealand each year,” she says.

Compared with the month of April last year, total visitor numbers this April is up 2.5% from 195,700 to 200,600.

The biggest rise was in the numbers of visitors was from China, which rose 27% from 18,200 to 24,800.

The biggest fall in visitor numbers was from Malaysia, which fell 31% from 3400 to 2300.

The number of tourist from Australia has risen by only 768 people to 92,900.

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