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Friday, 26 April 2019 05:55 pm

Wellington’s Golden Mile appears to be a safer place for pedestrians

SAFETY MEASURES put in place along Wellington’s Golden Mile appear to be working.

“We have not had any reported pedestrian versus vehicle accidents since last year,” says council spokesman Richard MacLean.

After the death of Venessa Green and serious injury of NZ Bus’s Tim Brown at the Willis and Manners streets intersection, safety precautions have been taken.

A review to the council last year advised on measures that could be taken to make the Golden Mile safer.

Addition of driver-speed feedback signs, removal of poster bollards and the repainting of GO Wellington buses were some of the recommendations made.

There was a call for reduction of pedestrian crossing times and the addition of street furniture, including seating along Willis Street.

“The addition of ‘street furniture’ to the side of Willis Street appears to be working well,” says Mr MacLean.

Also in the review was the suggestion of reducing the speed limit, but this was declined as the result of public feedback.

“The blocking-off of Bond Street so that traffic cannot emerge on to Willis Street has stopped crashes at that intersection,” says Mr MacLean.

The council has not yet made a formal review of the placing of these safety measures.

“We have kept an eye on the changes to the Golden Mile but have not yet formally reported on their success or otherwise,” says Mr McLean.

Pedestrians along the Golden Mile have mixed opinions on how safe it is now.

“I’d say it is fine. As long as you’re not stupid, and actually look where you’re going, you shouldn’t get hit by a bus or anything,” says Colin Oakley.

Another inner-city pedestrian says: “I have walked down the Golden Mile many Thursdays from Cuba Street to Blair Street. I don’t find it a problem.”

However, people still jaywalk and other bad road behaviour can still be observed.

“I don’t understand why people think it is a Wellington trend to jaywalk. It’s like asking to die,” says commuter Yong Choo Lee.


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