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Friday, 25 May 2018 08:50 am

Going animal for the animals at charity gig

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BIRD BRAIN: Andrew Woodcock with his pet parrot

A LOCAL musician hosted a charity gig last night to raise money for Wellington Zoo’s animal hospital after witnessing the destructive power of last fortnights’ storm on birds in the region.

Andrew Woodcock, known on stage as MC Woody, recalls seeing a bird’s nest blown past his window in the high winds.

A wayward albatross was found on Wellington International Airport’s runway the morning after the storm and there were other reports of birds in distress.

The destructive effects of the storm on local birdlife inspired Mr Woodcock to organise an event to raise money for the treatment of animals injured at the zoo’s hospital.

He resolved to do what he could for those creatures that couldn’t help themselves and decided to throw a onesie-themed party where “you can dress as an animal, act like an animal and give back to the animals we share this planet with”.

Music enthusiasts and animal lovers dressed up on Saturday in their onesies or animal outfits to party for the cause.

Mr Woodcock has been overwhelmed by the support from the bass (musical) community, as both local and international acts have been keen to endorse the cause.

The zoo’s fundraising manager, Rosalene Fogel, said she was absolutely delighted with the event. “We are just so thrilled that people would choose to help us this way.”

All proceeds from the Sandwiches gig will be going towards the animal hospital.

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  1. I think he was a animal lover.It was great method to collect money for animal right.I am happy to know this process and want to thanks LOCAL musician.

  2. Good to read when good things happen

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