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Monday, 28 May 2018 08:48 am

Porirua East fashion designers strut their stuff on catwalk


PORIRUA STYLES: Showing off their designs are, rear, Rico, 10; middle row, Myra, 8, Cassidy, 8; Kiah, 6, Cataldo, 7, and Journey, 6.

NEW lycra and hessian uniforms were modelled at Porirua East School last week.

The children of Porirua East School showed off their skills as fashion designers and catwalk models in front of parents and classmates.

The pupils used materials such as lycra and dyed hessian to create items that were not already available as part of the primary schools uniform.

The designs included hats, sports singlets, and dresses for the girls and jackets.

The children enjoyed the hands-on learning.

Cassidy, 8, said she liked not having to read, and she liked being taught how to make the clothes.

“When you get older, [you] get to design and make your own clothes,” Cassidy said.

Students outlined their patterns on the material with vivids or white chalk and cut out the design.

They then stitched together the garments with needle and thread and decorated with glitter.

Journey, 6, made a hat. “ I made the frames on the first day and made the hat the next day.”

Some of the designs took the children two weeks to complete.


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