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Wednesday, 22 May 2019 02:47 am

Quake not enough to close shops in central business district

Jul 22nd, 2013 | By | Category: Latest News, News

Quake 2

By Zak Gerraty, Jacob Chandler and YC Lee

DESPITE warnings from officials to stay out of the CBD several shops had their doors open to the public today.

Sunday’s 6.5 magnitude quake at 5:09pm forced many shops and public services such as trains and stores to shut down for all or part of the day.

However some ignored the advice from Wellington Region Emergency Management Office and Wellington City Council.

After initially opening, The Fix convenience store on the corner of Courtney Place and Tory Street was evacuated about midday when external cracks were found on the south facing wall of the building.

Amcal Pharmacy in Cuba Mall also ignored the warning and opened.

Amcal employee Catalina Bejcek, said she came into work and there was stock all over the floor.

“It was quite a mess this morning, we had a few things fall off the shelves,” she said.

The quake caused people to consider if they were prepared in an earthquake and a check showed many stores had sold out of essentials like torches.

Ms Bejcek said the quake has made them have to start thinking about preparedness.

“It wasn’t until the earthquake yesterday that our bosses started to talk to us about a plan of action,” she said.


Chemists and big box stores have made emergency supplies a priority with displays of torches, water containers and camp cookers on the main displays.

Model Crafts and Hobbies, located on the ground floor of a yellow stickered office building on Victoria Street remained open today and suffered no damage apart from some stock tipping over.

Employee Mike Regan, said while the building was yellow stickered he was not overly concerned.

“It took us 10 minutes to clean up, we opened up 20 minutes later,” he said.

Mr Regan said the building required remedial strengthening.

Mr Regan said it was worrying but he tries not to think about it.


“You can both curl up in a ball and get paranoid about it or you can make the best of it and carry on,” he said

Mr Regan thinks because less people are going to work more people are coming into the shop.

Individuals spoken to on Sunday night gave mixed responses when asked it they were prepared for a big quake.

Rahul Kumar (27), above, from Lower Hutt, said he was well prepared with emergency supplies. Mr Kumar was at home and talking to his friend when the quake hit and quickly got under his dining table for cover.

Denesha (20) and Nakaylia (17) Chetty, right, do not know much about the community disaster plans but think it is a very good idea because Newlands is likely to be cut off from resources in a major earthquake.

The sisters who both live in Newlands, did not feel the quake because they were in a car but they quickly found out through news on their smartphones.







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