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Friday, 27 April 2018 05:47 pm

Greytown high achievers step up in extension programme

Aug 23rd, 2013 | By | Category: Latest News, News

greytownINPOST400HIGH achievers have become the norm at Greytown School thanks to a programmes that challenge students.

“It was like ‘Oh my, look what’s happening here’, now there is about 14,” said Brigid Stevens, senior syndicate leader at Greytown School.

Students who gain a result of level five or higher in mid-year assessments participate in an extension group.

Brigid Stevens said there were different categories in the programme – environmental, literature and mathematics extension group run.

The maths extension group is taken by full-time teacher Paul Hammond.

A financial extension group has also been running for the past couple of years, she said.

The group activities involve creating a vertical garden, holding a mock court case and an Otago maths programme as well the financial group continued business running.

After the first meeting about the activities last week, Mrs Stevens said participating students were excited.

“There has been one meeting so far and the kids were just buzzing after it,” she said.


 Student Jonty Ariell (12), right, who will be participating in the extension literature programme, said he is looking forward to being in the practice court case.

“I think it will be really fun to do and challenging to defend someone who’s known as a criminal,” he said.

Isabella Sinnema (12), below left, said she was involved in the financial extension group.

“We’ve got a business called Super Sizzling Sausages and it’s on every week,” she said.

She said her favourite part of the group was the independence.

isabellaheadshot150“I really like the independence Mrs Stevens gives us. She trusts us to be out of class and cooking the sausages,” Isabella said.

Mrs Stevens said along with independence, other skills are used such as research, oral presentation and vocabulary skills.

Although these are taught in class, the teacher said the extension is a bit harder.

“It is designed to push them and start thinking deeper from all angles rather than one dimensional thinking.”

The one dimensional thinking has already been broken with planning for a vertical garden, because the current garden does not have enough sunlight.

Thoughts of an irrigation system are also a possibility, Mrs Stevens said.

“The vertical garden will go up and have sunshine. We’re also thinking about an irrigation system.”

Mrs Stevens said meets the groups once a fortnight.

Other possible projects discussed for the groups are a year book, a recipe book and a promotional billboard with activities for children to do in town.

“Kids complain about things to do around here,” she said.

“It would have a map, icons with information about the swimming pool, Soldiers Park, library, The Pod, the river and even the bush.”


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