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Friday, 27 April 2018 05:56 pm

Pigeon pests have their favourite Wellington café spots too

Aug 15th, 2013 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News


PIGEONS along Cuba Street may have been around for years but Newswire discovered they are a growing pest for cafés and restaurants.

Kapai café on Cuba Street have an ongoing issue with pigeons and there is one particular pigeon that likes to frequent the store.

“He even waits for me every morning at the front door and tries to come in when I open it to open the store for the day”. Manager, Alysha Murphy said. PigeonSIDE

“We have a squirty bottle that we squirt him with to get him out the door, otherwise we just shepherd him out slowly.”

These methods only work for a short period of time until he comes back. It is certainly a health hazard as well, Ms Murphy said.

The pigeon problem has a negative effect on Kapai’s business. Customers have even written into the suggestion box, saying they would not come back because of the pigeon walking around inside.

Just across the road, Mikel Prananto Manager of the Emerald Café said that pigeons often disturb the customers, so they just close the doors, which does affect business a little.

Hotel Bristol Manager, Cushla Mathie said that last summer was the first time they had problems with pigeons.

She said that they would land on tables, even when people were still eating there.

“They knock over glasses and plates, sometimes even smashing them which frightens customers” She said. They have an interesting way of deterring the pigeons with a sonar-sounder they hire from Rentokil.

“It is helpful but not fool proof”, she said.

The bar also use window-netting in the summer to stop them from coming inside.

Carolyn Peterson, second in charge of Wholly Bagels and Pizza said the birds scare customers, and that some people are genuinely frightened of them.

“They also try and get behind the counter where we prepare food so we have tried using spices to get rid of them but in the end we just have to chase them out”.


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