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Brooklyn School pupils make a splash with their performances

Sep 10th, 2013 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

BROOKLYN SCHOOL pupils have been sacrificing their lunch times in preparation for the Artsplash showcase this week.

They have been practising their dance and singing routines for the past term for the event, which is to be held at the Michael Fowler Centre.

For this year’s Artsplash, year seven and eight dance students will be taking on roles of either “the posh” or “gangsters”, with the audience voting for a winning side.

Year seven’s Mia Simcock (11) is involved in the dance battle, and has been practising three times a week — spending some of her lunchtimes indoors.

“When it’s a beautiful day, it’s a bit hard, because you just want to go out and play tag or something,” she says.

Years five and six will also be dancing on stage in a performance, Brooklyn’s Got the X-Factor.

School teacher and dance co-ordinator Miriam Buikhuizen has been involved with Artsplash for the past three years.

Ms Buikhuizen says it’s a great activity for students to get involved in.

“We’ve seen their confidence develop and they’re willing to put themselves out there,” she says.

Ms Buikhuizen wanted to get involved with something extra at the school and says teaching dance was the natural way for her to do this.

One of her students, Alex Kendall (10), will be dancing hip hop style with the skux boys group for the X-factor performance.

“My role is to keep everyone together and give them tips sometimes,” he says.

Alex says he loves to dance to hip hop at home, but this will be his first performance on stage.

Some of the children have a dance background.  Year six pupil Emma Savage (10) is happy to do ballet dancing for the Artsplash festival.

“I like being able to do my favourite dance in front of so many people without having to enrol in a special dance school,” she says.

Brooklyn School pupils will also be singing for Artsplash, and teacher Katy Synge says there will be a lot of enthusiasm and excitement in their singing.

“There’s lots of musical numbers, the song’s they’ve grown up with, that they know and are passionate about,” she says.

Ms Synge has a passion for singing and loved doing Artsplash when she was a kid.

“I love the whole atmosphere of it, the singing and things, so I like the idea of sharing what I enjoy with the other kids as well.”

Singing pupil Daniel Ewers agrees Artsplash is a good experience.

Brooklyn School pupils have also submitted art for the event, which is on display this week at the Michael Fowler Centre.

The Artsplash festival performances run until Friday 13th September.

Check out the Artsplash Programme for more details.


IN UNISON: Brooklyn’s year five and six studentspractice their singing for the Artsplash festival this week.


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