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Businesses put their ideas forward for Canal Reserve development

Sep 23rd, 2013 | By | Category: Latest News, Most Popular, News


ROYAL VIEW: Queen Victoria could be looking over a new and improved Canal Reserve in the future.

BUSINESSES along Kent and Cambridge terraces want practical solutions if the Canal Reserve strip between them is to be developed.

Wellington City Council cleared the way for planning to redevelop the Canal Reserve at its last meeting.

Newswire visited businesses along Cambridge and Kent Terrace and asked them what they wanted to see in any changes.

There was a clear message – if the development is to be an effective mitigation factor against the Basin Reserve flyover then ‘beautification’ would need to be balanced with practical solutions for business.

Parking and seating were the two consistent comments.

“We want somewhere where everyone can congregate, more seating areas, we want something that represents New Zealand, maybe a big Taniwha instead of the Statue of Queen Victoria,” said Cambridge Hotel Manager Jessica Cameron.

Tony’s Tyre Service manager John Wright said he would like to see the area developed so that people can stay for longer.-

“Car parking, tables for when people are waiting for quick repairs,” Mr Wright said.

Manager of Deluxe Café, Fiona Hewitt, said the area needed more outdoor seating so people could sit out in the sun while they ate. Her preference was to have the area reserved for pedestrians.

The Wellington City Council framework Areas of Development document outlines the plan for the Canal Reserve combining aesthetic and practical opportunities.

“The intention is to combine a number of the median islands into a linear park. Key sites for development will also be identified.”

The council has legal rights to develop the area in conjunction with the NZTA after the Canal Reserve was confirmed as separate land to the Town Belt in a council meeting on August 28.

The development of the area would be part of the mitigation process if the Basin Reserve flyover is to go ahead.

Transport Portfolio leader, Andy Foster, said that the details of the development are not yet finalised because the council needs to establish how the public transport spine will fit in along Kent and Cambridge Terraces.

He said that the development of the Canal Reserve will be timed to start at the same time as work on the flyover begins.

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