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Thursday, 25 April 2019 11:45 pm

Featherston resident’s idea to help puzzled tourists pleases council


AFTER years of directing tourists from the train station to the centre of town, Featherston resident Emily Greenberg decided signs were needed.

Ms Greenberg, above, made a submission on South Wairarapa District Council’s annual plan requesting signage for the train station, which was discussed at last week’s Featherston Community Board meeting.

“It’s been my experience that visitors to town get off the train and they’re a bit disorientated. They don’t know which way is the museum, which way is the toilets and which way is the centre of town to get a cup of coffee,” Ms Greenberg said.

Another idea which prompted the request was a possible pointing sign, like at Cape Reinga and Bluff because Featherston is almost equal driving distance from those two points of New Zealand.

“It’s the centre of the lower North Island and believe it or not it’s the centre of New Zealand, because it is 1063 km to Cape Reinga from here and it’s 1081 km to Bluff,” she said of Featherston.

Ms Greenberg came up with a draft of a sign, which has pointers and distances to various places.


PLANNING AHEAD: Emily Greenberg drafted a possible sign conveying her idea that Featherston is almost equal driving distance between Cape Reinga and Bluff.

These include the town centre, toilets, Fell museum, Lake Ferry, Wellington, Bluff, Cape Reinga and even Paris.

“It’s a great meeting place, people coming over from Wellington to meet with people from the Wairarapa, Featherston is the place to meet so I think a sign would really accentuate that and let people see that,” she said.

The Featherston Community Board members and South Wairarapa District councillors present agreed a sign would be helpful.

Board chairman Garry Thomas suggested placing a sign at the end of the platform, and South Wairarapa Mayor Adrienne Staples suggested that ‘finger point’ signs might work.

The idea of a map was also discussed and it was suggested that this could turn into a community board project.

It was agreed that a quote be obtained for a sign directing people into town, as well as larger signs like a map.

Featherston resident and councillor, Keith Sexton said he would be all for the erection of signs, especially for people getting off the train.

“It would certainly point them in the right direction,” he said.

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