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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 01:52 am

Designer earns her scholarship with ‘tears, sweat and hard work’


AFTER a year of “tears, sweat and hard work”, award-winning design student Annelise Moen is setting her sights on a double degree and earning honours.

The Waterloo 18-year-old won a prized Vice Chancellor Awards scholarship to study at Massey University this year.

“This has been the best experience ever, I have taught myself different disciplines I never would have had and now I’m considering doing a double major in fashion and either textiles, industrial design or typography,” Miss Moen said.

Miss Moen has learnt how to design something through research and to use that research to design something strong that communicates an idea to a group, society or business.

“It has been such a busy first year,” she said.

Last year her work was displayed on fashion week but this year Miss Moen is in Auckland with her mother Maria as a spectator.

“We are going to the Surface Too Deep show on September 5. Sarah Jane gave us tickets,” she said.

Sarah Jane Abraham is creative director of Surface too Deep who encouraged Miss Moen into fashion while she was at Hutt Valley High School.

Miss Abraham, described Annelise as “one of a kind.”

“She is an extremely talented young woman and she will go far in this industry,” she said in Miss Moen’s reference from her internship at Surface too Deep last year.

“This will not be the last time you see her work featured on a runway.”

The internship Miss Moen had for three months gave her an insight into the fashion industry.


IN BUSINESS: Annelise Moen with some of the bags she made as part of her first foray into fashion business.

As a project Miss Moen made a swimsuit for Surface too Deep which was then shown at New Zealand fashion week in September last year.

“I got to go to Auckland with them and assist backstage with the models and being in charge of the phone calls,” she said. “It was definitely one of my highlights.”

Miss Moen gained the sewing gene from both sides of her family with her mother, grandmother and her great grandmother being keen sewers. Her grandmother on her father’s side was also handy with the sewing machine.

Following in her family’s footsteps of collecting fabric, different areas of Miss Moen’s sowing room is stashed with fabric including a closet, suitcase and four huge storage boxes.

“At the moment I have an obsession with collecting old fashioned buttons,” she said.

Miss Moen’s mother has been very supportive even though she has “taken over the whole house.”

“Annelise has always been creative in academics. From intermediate onwards I had a feeling she was going to do something with fashion when she was older,” Mrs Moen said.

A memory that sticks in Mrs Moen’s mind when she thinks of Annelise growing up with fabric is when she would make her grandma clothes.

“I have a photo of Annelise when she was five, standing up at the sowing machine making her grandma clothes from scraps of fabric. After making the pieces she would make her grandma walk home in them,” she said.

Awards have been a regular occurrence for Miss Moen.

Last year she won the Hettanz Fashion Design Awards in the Year 13 section made by the Home Economics and Technology Teachers Association of New Zealand.

“I won a $3000 Bernina sewing machine, it does heaps of different stiches, it is really cool,” she said.

In her last year at high school Miss Moen also entered the Hokonui Fashion Awards, in Southland, which are part of the national awards calendar.

She competed in two categories – street wear for men and the night life category for woman. Both designs made it into the final.dressshopped

“The night life dress ended up being my dress for the Hutt Valley High School ball last year (right). I won best dressed,” she said.

Miss Moen started up a small business in 2010 designing her own bags and selling around 45 of her “Annelise Nicole” bags.

“I have made 50 and sold around 45, the business is temporarily put aside at the moment while I am at university,” she said.

After university Miss Moen is not definite on what she wants to do but knows she does not want to run her own business just yet.

“I would love to either work for another fashion label or work at Weta Workshop doing small detail beading or embroidery,” she said. “I like doing that.”

Ball Photo: Onlinefotos

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