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Labour pledges good news for Living Wage campaigner

Sep 9th, 2013 | By | Category: Editor's Picks, Lead Story, News

IMG_9760LIVING Wage Aotearoa tries to stay apolitical, but has welcomed the issue’s entry into the Labour leadership battle of the past week week.

The organisation’s communications manager Lyndy McIntyre said it does not belong to any political parties.

“We just need the government to listen, and even Bill English said that our wage is very low,” Ms McIntyre said.

Candidates David Cunliffe and Grant Robertson backed the living wage at a candidates meeting in Northland last week, and again in Wellington on Saturday night.

“We welcome all polices from political parties supporting the Living Wage,” Ms McIntrye said.

“This is the area where we need the government to take leadership.”

Addressing a meeting at Otago University’s campus in Wellington last week, Ms McIntryre said the living wage should be $18.40 instead of $13.70 to provide workers and their families with the necessaries of life.

She said 170 communities have already supported the Living Wage project and they  are asking everyone to join.

“We want the small shops to start living wages. I want to buy my coffee from a cafe that helps their workers,” Lyndy says.

Ali Dia, above, owner of Miramar’s Alamir Bakery supports the Living Wage project.

“I know how hard it is for families, I’ve been there myself, and I understand what you need to have a happy family,” Mr Dia said.

“Giant companies should sacrifice their profit for a greater good. They should be aware that other people need to have a good life too.”

IMG_9777He said $13.70 was not enough to raise a family.

“We want a better working wage for a better living.”

However Mr Dia’s employee, Chayse Conroy, was not so sure about the living wage.

He said he wondered if some businesses would survive.

“It’s a bad idea to raise the Living Wage. Sometimes companies have debts to pay, and how will they survive if they pay the workers extra,” Chayse said.

Ms McIntyre applauded Alamir Bakery’s support of the project and said she would now buy her bread from him.

“Now I know where I want to go and get my bread. It’s just good that more business coming on board to support the Living Wage project,” Ms McIntyre said.

Living Wage Aotearoa is targeting public funded institutions, wealthy employees and the government to help increase the living wage.


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