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Monday, 20 May 2019 04:35 am

Mayoral hopeful Collins would throw out Porirua’s $18m face-lift

Sep 3rd, 2013 | By | Category: Lead Story, News

A CONTENDER in the Porirua mayoral race wants the council to scrap the $18 million city-centre revitalisation and leave it as is.

The council is paying marketing firm Saatchi and Saatchi $60,000 to rebrand areas of the city.

Brian Collins (59) of Papakowhai, who has lived in Porirua for 45 years, said if elected he would cancel the ongoing project on day one.

“The vast majority of ratepayers in Porirua get no benefit from it. It’s down there. It doesn’t give value to ratepayers,” he said.

CollinsHEADMr Collins, right, likened the spending to physical violence against ratepayers.

“If I saw someone across the street being mugged then I would do what I could to stop it.

“Mugging comes in all forms and I believe our people are being financially mugged.”

The revitalisation was a key project for Mayor Nick Leggett, who said it would attract new business to Porirua.

Mr Collins said Porirua could not attract business from Wellington so should stop trying.

“Why does a pensioner at the end of the street, have to pay higher rates to get more people into Porirua?” he said.

Under the Saatchi rebranding, the redeveloped streams edge by the train station was recently unveiled as the Streamside Quarter, the first of four re-branded areas.

Retail space under the canopies and Cobham Court will be called the Market Quarter.

Pataka Museum and Te Rauparaha arena will be the focus of the Leisure Quarter.

The harbour edge from Whitireia Polytech to Pak ’n Save will be the Harbour Quarter.

Mr Collins, a family trust advisor, said council underestimated the cost of the revitalisation by not including wages of current staff working on the project.

“He (Mr Leggett) has been told repeatedly that the long term plan totals over $35 million for that activity. Yet he continues to misinform the community that is only $18 million,” he said.

PCC Logo_V5Mr Collins, who is also running in the northern ward, said he was optimistic about his chance of winning before Yvonne Carroll put her name down.

“Split voting favours the incumbent,” he said.

“She is a one-issue candidate and that issue (council amalgamation) is dead.”

The keen kayaker and hunter said he was not interested in politics but wanted to make the city less of a burden on ratepayers.

“Politicians will say the role of a mayor is to baby-kiss and photo-shop,” he said

He said one way he would save money, would be stopping the yearly dog patrol visits to dog owners.

“Why are they visited once a year? Pointless, absolutely pointless,” he said.

Mr Collins said he enjoyed the relaxed Porirua lifestyle and liked to see kids jumping off the Paremata bridge for a swim.

“We tried to get the council to put a jumping platform in there a few years ago.

“They were scared about the liability. It’s called taking responsibility for yourself,” he said.

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is a Whitireia journalism student covering Porirua, Titahi Bay, Mana and Plimmerton. He has a BA in History and Political Science from Victoria University.
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  1. Another really disappointing piece of so-called “journalism”. Politically prejudiced and simply free advertising for one Mayoral candidate. Not up to any professional standard. Even if Sam wanted to give publicity to this (extreme) candidate he should at the very least have given some attention to the other side of the argument. Supporting a totally negative nay-sayer just for the purpose of maximising headline publicity is irresponsible and unethical. Shame on you, Sam! Fail mark for this article.

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