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Saturday, 23 February 2019 10:56 pm

Sign pollution a real issue for Wellington, says Deputy Mayor

Sep 10th, 2013 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

THERE is a sign of things to come in the recently voted-on open spaces report for the capital.

Wellington City Council wants to implement high quality, consistent signage in the city’s open spaces.

Councillors, however, went further at the meeting and labelled the current overkill “signage pollution”.

One of those who spoke, Deputy Mayor Ian McKinnon, said there were too many signs in Wellington’s city parks.

“We have, in my opinion, a high degree of signage pollution in the city,”

He said that there was no need for so many.

“I’m not a great one for over-regulating people.”

A check of the small, triangular Te Aro Park on the corner of Taranaki, Dixon and Manners streets showed 13 signs.

There were four “Tiles can be Slippery when wet” signs, four “Please do not feed the pigeons” signs, two signs displaying what toilets are available, two signs identifying the park name and a “Liquor-free Zone” sign.

“Why not incorporate that into one sign that announces that in open spaces,” said Mr McKinnon.

Mr McKinnon said he wouldn’t be surprised if local sponsors would fund the signs.

Myfanwy Emeny, acting manager of community engagement and reserves said there had to be a balance between the need for information and respecting the values of open spaces.

“For this reason we try to create signage that is in keeping with the natural environment,” she said.

Ms Emeny said the council tried to group signs when possible to avoid creating sign pollution issues.

“We also have rules in our parks management plans around limiting signage and putting size restrictions in place.”

She said changes were being implemented when signs and entrance ways required upgrading or replacement.

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