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Saturday, 23 February 2019 04:29 am

Labour celebrates getting two candidates on to the WCC


LABOUR PARTY: Wellington Labour party people are pretty happy with WCC election results


EAGLE ELECTED: Paul Eagle celebrates his re-election.

THE Wellington branch of the Labour Party was celebrating tonight at the Wharewaka on Wellington’s waterfront after getting two of their candidates voted on the city council.

Paul Eagle, who topped the list in the Southern Ward, was very pleased to be re-elected. He shed a tear for his colleagues who had not been as successful and joked that the Labour leadership contest had taken lime light from the local body elections.

Mr Eagle said parking was big on his agenda for his upcoming term and he was hoping he would be able to bring the running of parking services back inhouse.

“Parking has to be sorted out. Our city’s reputation is at stake. When people visit Wellington, we want them to remember our city for the good things … not a parking ticket.”

He said a reorganisation of the Wellington region’s governance was expected but Wellingtonians have to have the final say by referendum, when asked about the supercity issue.

Morehu Rei, Mr Eagle’s campaign manager, attributed the win to “getting out there and speaking to the people”.

Former Labour MP Mark Peck was one of the three candidates elected in the Lambton Ward for his first term on the council.

“I doorknocked the entire ward for this win, and I can’t help but feel a sense of redemption among my friends and colleagues,” Mr Peck said.

Daran Ponter, who missed out on being elected to the Wellington Greater Regional Council, also mentioned the looming ‘supercity’ issue for the region.

“There is so much smoke and mirrors and people packaging it in different ways, and it could be the start of erosion for community councils.”

Endorsing Mr Eagle, Labour spokesman Grant Robertson said: “Paul is an incredibly effective councillor, and its great to have Mark Peck in the Lambton ward, especially since he is the first Labour candidate in the Lambton ward since 2001.”

Annette King referred to Mr Eagle as “the Star of the Southern Ward” and said:  “The Southern Ward is in good shape for the general elections, thanks to Paul Eagle.”

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