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Jam Sandwiches inspires readers around the world

Oct 28th, 2013 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

400inpicJAM SANDWICHES may be on your Christmas wishlist this year, as a Wellington man’s self-published novel hits real bookshelves, next month.

Greg Fowler, right, the author of Jam Sandwiches, was inspired to live an uncomplicated life while writing his first novel.

From the age of 10, Mr Fowler was inspired to write from the blank lines in his exercise books.

“The lines were just waiting for this whole universe to unfold,” he says.

That universe has unfolded through the eyes of a Down Syndrome child, and emotional feedback from readers inspired him to show Whitcoulls the book.

Two days later Whitcoulls, who aren’t in the practice of selling self-published titles, emailed Mr Fowler to say they would release Jam Sandwiches on November 18.

Mr Fowler said his book was read by someone who had influence in the industry.

“I got the most incredible email and he was very, very impressed, it was one of the best books he has ever read and it has been him that has been my godsend,” he said.

Jam Sandwiches is a story of a boy living with Down Syndrome, taking life as it would come.

The main character, Eddy, understood he was different but didn’t know why.

Eddy changes lives by communicating the right answer to life from the comfort of his bedroom window.

Mr Fowler has received emotional feedback from readers who bought the book online.

One reader described the novel as a book of unconditional love, selflessness and inspiration.

“What an amazing, incredible book! I absolutely loved it – so simple, but so deep and profound,” the reader said.

Another reader said the novel took them through every emotion: “I have just finished Jam Sandwiches on the train to Bristol with tears running down my cheeks.”

Jam Sandwiches cvr_f

Jam Sandwiches was finished in six weeks, with Mr Fowler writing five hours a day on the novel, which he completed three years ago.

He said he wrote the novel so quickly because he didn’t over-plan it.

“As I was writing it, I was almost reading it like the reader and even I didn’t quite know what was coming next,” he said.

Whitcoulls will be releasing Jam Sandwiches with an alternative cover, pictured right, ahead of the Christmas season.


Top pic: JAM HAPPY: Wellington man, Greg Fowler, looking forward to his Whitcoulls book deal

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  1. I have just had the earth move beneath my feet. I have read Jam Sandwiches.
    I have taught English at College level, particularly remedial. I am a people watcher and enjoy seeing what makes people tick. So during the reading of this book I have experinced all kinds of emotion, shed some tears and all along I have been saying ‘Who is this Greg Fowler?’ ‘I think he must be a New Zealander!’ and so after reading the last page I feel delighted to what we have googled but still do not know your profession apart from author… have such great insight.

    Now I want the whole world to read this amazing story but I will start with my daughters and ‘look out friends!’

    Thank you so so much for this experience.

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