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Saturday, 23 February 2019 04:24 am

Lack of concern for local elections a problem, says departing chairman



DEPARTING Lower Hutt City Western Ward chairman Rick Mooney says one reason for low voter turn-out in council elections is because people don’t understand the role of local government and all the things it does.

“What people don’t realise is that without councillors and mayors, we are limited, there is no new direction and no one listening to the people’s voice,” Mr Mooney said this week.

Mr Mooney, right, believes that if people want a say they should vote. “They want someone to blame when things go wrong, but don’t think it is worth filling out a voting form.” council rick 2

Although acknowledging that people of all ages tend to have a lack of interest in local body elections, he said that young people tended not to vote unless it was for someone who was doing something that specifically concerned them.

Most people know their council looks after the sewerage, sports grounds and rubbish, he says.

“There are some simplistic views when it comes to council, that they only do the boring stuff,” Mr Mooney said.

Lower Hutt residents want the city to have a great buzz and to be a great place to live in.   “They want new developments and new things happening without spending money.”

He believes people have high expectations of the council.   “People want the council to do everything without spending anything.”

Mr Mooney has served on the Western Ward Committee for six years but will still be contributing to his community in his role as president of the Maungaraki Community Association.

He will be continuing his real estate work with wife Christine.

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