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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 06:33 pm

Thorndon operators want council to change angled parking


WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: The angle disabled parks in Thorndon Quay.

An illogical disabled car park is an example of frustrations that businesses on Thorndon Quay have with Wellington City Council.

The businesses were surveyed by NewsWire for issues they want addressed by an incoming council after the election decided this weekend.

Parking, cycling crashes and deliveries were some of the issues highlighted.




Darrin Leong (right), owner of Soundline, said whoever is elected for the Lambton Ward needs to look at the layout of car parks and especially ease of access for delivery drivers.

“There are a lot of retail shops starting to spring up around here, lots of them are specialist and have things delivered all the time during the day.

“At the moment the loading zones aren’t set out in front of those shops.

“In front of our business there is a paraplegic park, I understand that they need to have it there but no one ever uses it because it’s an angle park.

“If you’re in a wheel chair you can’t get out safely without going on to the main road, also there is no ramp up onto the footpath.”

He said the council should change the parks around so that the wheelchair park is where the loading zone, allowing people to get out of their cars safely and the loading zone would be closer to the shops.

The angle parks along the Quay were an issue for all the businesses Newswire talked to because the traffic along the main road makes it hard for customers to reverse out of their parking space at peak times.

Mr Leong said he has witnessed many cycling crashes along the road in the last year because of the awkward parking layout.

He suggested that the council should be looking at setting a specific speed limit for cyclists and/ or a cycling lane.

Marnie Culpan, manager at Brownies Mattress Direct, said profiteering from parking was a major issue.

She said the council should take back control of parking patrol from Park Wise.

“It’s free in the weekend but it is just too much during the week for this kind of area.

“We need people to be able to park close and for a long time,” Mrs Culpan said.

The same idea is supported by Glengarry’s employee Andrew Mackay, who said that there is nowhere for customers to stop without having to pay even though there are “heaps of free parks that no one uses”.

Mackay also said the Lambton Ward councillors should be responsible for improving public transport along the Quay and helping to make the area more attractive.


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