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Friday, 19 April 2019 12:22 am

Wainui locals rate tagging, sports grounds, transport as election issues

Oct 8th, 2013 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News


ALL NOT ABOARD: Public transport is an issue for locals in Wainuiomata.

ALTHOUGH happy living in Wainuiomata, many locals are finding that there are still issues that need to be sorted out by local politicians.

Tagging was one of the major issues for residents in this week’s local government elections.

Rob Dalgety, a curtain installer, said he wanted the tagging removed from all the parks and “the sports grounds to be improved for the players and the supporters.”

Renee Maxwell also wanted the graffiti cleaned up, and more work on keeping the youth out of trouble around the town.

Craig Burnsky, who works at Quality Bakers, wants to have the tagging fixed up as well as an improvement in the community patrol. He also wants the hill road fixed because he travels over it every day.

Another BP Customer service Rep, Shannon Summer, Said that she wants a second supermarket in Wainui and to have less tagging at the local parks.

“When I take my kids down there they look terrible.”


DIRTY ISSUE: The quality of local sports grounds is an issue in Wainuiomata.

Sports grounds were another problem for many of the locals, because many play or follow a local sports team, and roading was an issue.Student Rachel Christensen said she wanted better public transport in and out of the valley as well as improvement of the sports grounds.

Aaron Burnsky, school student: “I want the skate park to be better and there to be more stuff to do in Wainui so everyone has stuff to do when there is no school or sport on.”

Retiree Heinz Kahl, was one of those who questioned the hill road.

He also wants council to sort out who is doing the tagging, especially the bus stops.

Virginia Kahl, who is also a retired, wants improvements on the sports grounds and also a stand at the rugby club.

“We are the only premier club in the Hutt without a stand”. She also wants a better job on the hill road because “it keeps breaking away”.

Shane McGrannachan, a ceiling tile installer, said a cover over the local pools would be a good idea and he also wants the hill road fixed. “They haven’t done a good job on it in a while.”

An alternative route out of Wainui is on the wish-list for William Dalgety, Panelbeateer, because it would help flow of traffic in and out of the valley.

There was also a call to have Wainuiomata’s rates dedicated to facilities in the valley.

Christina, who declined to give her full name, wanted the rates that locals get charged to be separate to Hutt City.

“I want it to be put towards Wainuiomata facilities,” the customer service rep said.

Voting closes at noon on Saturday.

A special voting booth is operating from the War Memorial Library, Lower Hutt, from 10am to 5pm weekdays and will be open on election day from 10am to noon.

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