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Bigger Brooklyn wind turbine application arrives at council

Nov 11th, 2013 | By | Category: Latest News, News

turbine400MERIDIAN Energy last week delivered its new Brooklyn Wind Turbine resource consent application but council is unsure if public submissions will be called for.

The turbine’s height is to be increased more than 70% from 45 metres, right, to 77 metres.

Wellington City Council spokesman Clayton Anderson said the officers would be addressing the areas of concern such as the visual impact of the upgrade, noise issues and traffic during construction.

“Internal and external advisors are looking at the proposal, but this is not finalised yet as it is still early in the consent process,” he says.

He said any chance for the public to make submissions had yet to be decided because the consent was still in the early stages of review.

In around three weeks, the council will make a decision as to whether consent will be given or to call for submissions from the public.

After 20 years, the aging technology and the maintenance cost means the wind turbine’s life has come to an end.

The new turbine will produce four times the energy from 870MWh per year to 3900MWh per year.

This is enough energy to power 450 homes per year.

The council has a Climate Change Action Plan to encourage renewable energy initiatives which the wind turbine is a part of.

In the council’s Strategy and Policy Report 2012, climate change considerations of the turbine were outlined.

“Meridian’s wind turbine is a good fit with the Council’s strategic direction and existing policies on climate change and renewable energy,” the report said.

Since announcing their plans in March, Meridian has taken interest in what the Brooklyn community has had to say about the $2.5 million upgrade.

Last month Meridian attended the Brooklyn Community showcase and held an Open Day at Brooklyn School.

Meridian’s Environmental Manager, Lynley Fletcher, said the community seems to support the upgrade because they feel the wind turbine has become a Brooklyn icon.

She said the council was reviewing Meridian’s application and she expected them to call for submissions.

The placement of the wind turbine in Brooklyn has been chosen because of the 50km/h to 80km/h winds.

Meridian renewed their lease of land on Hawkins Hill last month with the decision to upgrade the wind turbine.

Below is a graph which compares the sizes between the existing turbine, the turbine upgrade and the West Wind turbines located in Makara, west of Wellington City.

Image: Meridian Energy


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