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Friday, 22 June 2018 08:17 pm

Eagle already seeing a more energetic council


Paul Eagle

PAUL EAGLE is looking for action in his second term on Wellington City Council and he is seeing more energy already than in the last three years.

Mr Eagle won a place on the council for a second term with 3626 votes, over a 1000 more than his closest rival and new councillor David Lee in the Southern Ward.

“There are six new councillors this term which is unusual,” Mr Eagle said.

“They’ve brought lots of enthusiasm and energy to the council. More energy than I’ve seen in the last three years of being on the council.”

Mr Eagle is taking on the Community Engagement Portfolio.

“I was happy to get one of the committees that oversees an area that I like,” Mr Eagle said.

He wants a more cohesive vision for community development, stronger advocacy for the city’s vulnerable peoples and greater participation in physical activity, not just elite sport.

Mr Eagle said the council’s level of productivity in the last term was low and that it’s time to get into action.

“The days of us approving phone book-sized strategies and policies are gone,” he said.

Mr Eagle wants to see the council act on housing issues and would like to see some kind of warrant of fitness for properties, to ensure renters have safe and healthy places to live.

He said during the first month of the term, councillors have spent a lot of time learning to work together more effectively.

“The public has accused us of being divisive.

“It’s not easy as there are 14 of us and we all have different views, ideas and opinion as to what the future of Wellington should be.”

He compares it to getting all of the members of your extended family to get along.

Mr Eagle is feeling positive about the next three years, despite beginning sadly with former councillor Leonie Gill’s death. “She was a motherly figure.”

He says they are now beginning to get definition and structures approved and are starting to get down to business.

“I want to see Wellingtonian’s being treated fairly when we make decisions” Mr Eagle said.

“It’s been mostly the people in the know or have their hands in the pie that benefit, from what I’ve seen.”

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  1. The Oath: I………………..declare that I will faithfully and impartially and according to the best of my skill and judgment, execute and perform, in the best interests of Wellington City the powers, authorities, and duties vested in, or imposed upon me as a member/chair person/mayor of the Wellington City Council by virtue of the Local Government Act 2002, the Local Government Information and meetings Act 1987, or any other act.

    It’s easy really all you need to remember is your oath and who put you there, we expect different opinions to foster healthy debate around the councils table, and opportunities for the elected members to hold meetings with their constituents to discuss the matters in a democratic way. For instance when 74% of submitters (722) say no to buses through Manners Mall.

    Councillor Gill had an advantage being a learned draughts woman herself and voted against this ludicrous proposal representing the people she swore to serve. Thank you Leonie RIP.

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