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Friday, 26 April 2019 05:47 pm

Spying, inequality lead Anonymous in masks to Parliament

“THINK for yourselves!” and “Wake up!” shouted masked protesters as they marched down Lambton Quay this afternoon.

About 75 activists marched to Parliament today to protest local and global injustices, joining other masked-activists in 447 cities around the world.

The protest centred around the five eyes information network, income equality, and the GSCB and Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) bills.

Anonymous is a group made up primarily of internet activists from around the world whose symbol is the mask of Guy Fawkes.

In the past they have targeted a websites of Government agencies as political action.

Anonymous became well known in New Zealand in 2011 after they brought down various government websites when it toughen laws surrounding internet piracy.

They got the opportunity today to voice their concerns to Labour MP’s Phil Goff and David Shearer who were there supporting an Amnesty International protest.

“The rush through of the TICS bill has undermined the confidence our public has in our government agencies,” said Mr Shearer.

Further protests will occur in London, New York, Melbourne and the main march will be in Washington D.C.

“We are a nation who is ready to receive people who need help, not the rich who come here to by land,” shouted one Anonymous protester.

Wellington protest organiser Billy McKee was not so anonymous. McKee

Mr McKee said he was optimistic that Anonymous would influence some change in New Zealand and said he had come today because he was annoyed with the Government and its negativity towards certain issues.

“They are quick to help out the big corporations, but they need to be giving support to the people that need it most,” Mr McKee said.

Another protester who said he was influenced to become a part of Anonymous by the documentary 99% Occupy said he was hoping he would help make a global statement today.

“Hopefully we can get enough of us today to march, change is made by numbers,” he said.

Anonymous was not the only protest group at parliament today.

They shared the space with an Amnesty International protest about Sri Lanka and a one man band protest to legalise cannabis.

There were no arrests made at the peaceful protest at Parliament today and police declined to comment on the event.

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