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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 08:02 am

Drawing the line in Wellington bars gets creative juices flowing

DnP400IF you walk into a central Wellington bar on a Sunday afternoon and find a large group of people sketching, it’s likely you’re at the latest Draw and Pour session.

Draw and Pour is the brainchild of illustrator, animator and designer Andrew Shaw.

He started the gatherings to fill the gap when a few of his fellow illustrators had moved away.

While it is easy to get inspiration by visiting other illustrators’ websites, that is only part of the equation because you are only seeing the final stage in a long journey, Mr Shaw said.

“The most valuable part is hearing what someone was inspired by, or their stumbling blocks, or what they were thinking about when approaching an illustration.

“To be honest, Draw and Pour really comes down to three things, sharing, inspiration and 10.5%  Imperial Porters,” Mr Shaw said.

“It’s a really good opportunity to sink some tasty beverages, have a yarn and do some wobbly sketches in a no-pressure, informal environment.”

Draw and Pour recently celebrated its one year anniversary and has had 23 gatherings so far.

“It’s been cool to see some amazing and talented artists come out of the woodwork,” Mr Shaw said.

The meetings are organised through the social networking website Facebook and are attended by many local artists each time.

“It’s a great way to meet other people in the industry and community who share the same interests and to learn about happening locally,” concept artist Tom Robinson said.

Freelance illustrator Stacey Robson said she found the group really helpful, especially because it was on Facebook.

“It allows people working in a field that can sometimes be very solitary to easily connect with others in the group.”

Mr Shaw hopes to see Wellington become an illustration hub with a tight network of artists who can share knowledge and eventually “gain world domination”.

To find out when and where the next Draw and Pour session is visit the Facebook page and request to join.

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