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Thursday, 23 May 2019 12:49 am

Street poll: Minimum wage rise great, but it should be more


MORE PLEASE: Cafe workers on minimum wages are among those who will enjoy a pay rise.

A WELLINGTON street poll overwhelmingly backs the minimum wage rise, but many say it needs to go higher.

Over 80% of those spoken to are happy with Monday’s announcement by the government, that sees the minimum wage increase by fifty cents to $14.25 on April 1.

Of those who responded positively, over half wanted more, saying living costs are still too high to manage.

Alice Inwoot (21) a student, says she thinks it is a good start but wants more.

“I think it needs to go further. Especially in places like Wellington where it’s hard to get by. It doesn’t really cover living costs.”

Customer service representative, Adrian Jimson (28) says the minimum wage was good ten years ago because it was enough.

“Things are more expensive now though, I think it should be raised to more.”

Whitireia Journalism students spoke to 30 people in the street poll.

FinnSTEVEN HINDERWELLOne person spoken to was mindful of those who will have the find the extra money to pay the wages.

“It’s not enough, but you have to take into account the businesses that have to pay it,” says Steven Hinderwell (53), a store manager, of Brooklyn. 


Others like Nigib Shleimon (55) thought the increase was great for all involved: “Of course it’s good, any wages help is good for people.”

A much smaller group of people (16.7%) weren’t excited by the change. Mariah Vailalo (21) says: “I’m not working at the moment but tax will probably go up anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

Other comments from those spoken to included:


Tina Tu’umatavai (23), right, Naenae, unemployed, says it does not make a difference, because tax will probably go up anyway.

Gordon O’Connor (25) left, retail assistant: “They’d be better putting prices down on groceries and rent, they could just drop secondary income tax.”


Mike Rooney (55) electrician, who gets paid more than $14.25 an hour: “It’s good, but it should be more.”

Liam MacDonald (22), right, student: “I’m real poor, I need more money. I’m under-paid, over-slaved and over-worked.” He also thought vegetables should be subsidised and fatty foods should be taxed which also helps with the health crisis.:


Mariah Vailalo (21) Upper Hutt, unemployed: “I’m not working at the moment but tax will probably go up anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

Rochelle Brown (37) left, operations specialist: “It’s terrible minimum wage. Fortunately we are not on the minimum wage but it’s terrible rates.”


Jay Vaai (23), engineer: “I have no view, I earn above the minimum wage.” However he agrees that it is a good idea.

Michael Moore (35), right, bar manager, of Newlands said he would not be affected by the change “We still have to hire the same amount of staff and it still doesn’t bring it up to a liveable wage.”


Katherina Forster (24), neuroscience post-grad student: “I think it’s quite good, I’m from Germany and we don’t have a minimum wage. I think it would be more successful if you could do something like support living costs for people who don’t have a minimum amount of money.”

Emma Richards (22) shop assistant, left, of Newtown says it will not affect her at all. “I think the minimum wage should be $15. People work harder if you pay them more.” She says the current system is “bizzare” because her friend currently has a full time job but still requires some assistance.


Rhys Girven (37), landscape architect: “No direct impact, but I fully support that though.”

Junior Tui (32) right, lighting specialist, of Strathmore believes he would not be affected by the change but says: “I think it’s pretty good.”


Hadleigh Petherick, (26), self-employed, of Wellington Central says it will not affect him: “I think it’s a waste of time. It should be at least $20 an hour.”

Kelsey Austin (26) left, on a working holiday from California, says she is not affected. “It’s more than the minimum wage where I come from so I think it’s good.”


Keryn Weir (40) right, self-employed of Brooklyn will not be affected by the changes but says: “I think the minimum wage should be more than that.”


Caleb Keene (24) left, Aro Valley, student/chef: ‘I guess it’s good as long as it’s supportable by the government.’

Michelle Bailey (39), Haitaitai, shop manager: “Obviously its good there’s an increase. I still think it’s quite low.” But added the minimum wage hadn’t affected her for years.

Boa Law (29) Wellington Central, student: “Yes it will affect me. I don’t really know what my view is. I don’t really know.”


Riley Brightwell (20) right, Kelburn, student: “I’ll have to get a part time job. I think it could still go up to be honest.”

Hana Aoake (23) Seatoun, florist, says it will affect her because she is earning minimum wage. “It’s a good idea. It could always be more though.”

nicholeDEORTADavid Deorta (32) left, Wellington, chef: “Good for the guys, its good, its good.”

Matua Murupaenga (23) Auckland, unemployed: “It’s not that much of a rise. It’s alright, but it could have been more. I will need to get a job and it will probably be minimum wage.  $15 would have been better.”

Niccola Holmes (50), Titahi Bay, financial advisor: “No, it won’t affect me, but I don’t think it’s enough. It’s not liveable. I hate employers taking advantage of employees.”

The NewsWire team is: Jack Callender, Nicole Adamson, Grace Hickland, Sarah Wilson, Josh Price, Finn Rainger and Amanda Herrera.


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