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Friday, 19 April 2019 08:22 pm

REVIEW: DJ Stickybuds rocks the boat


PARTY ROCKER: Dj Stickybuds performs for his Wellington fans at the Tugboat on Oriental Parade.

LOOKING back on a life littered with experiences of incredible live music performances I am always sceptical that any show could possibly top the best that came before it.

It’s true that I expect a lot from artists because the shows I remember all had a certain wow factor that kicked cynicism out of the venue and left irreplaceable memories.

One artist who topped those memories several years ago wasdj Stickybuds aka Tyler Martens, so I highly anticipated his arrival in Wellington.

I first discovered Stickybuds by accident at the bi annual Splore music festival, at Tapapakanga Regional Park, when I stumbled upon horde of loyal fans chanting his name as they downed some shots.

They slurred on about how good he was and after bribing me with beer they did finally encourage me to stick around for the show.

Moments later he had myself and thousands of others bouncing in unison as he belted out track after track of funky dance goodness into the night.

I wondered if the Canadian dj could bring that energy to Wellington and with support from the mighty K+lab this show had the potential to be a real showcase of music’s biggest hitters.

el Pasko

SHOW STARTER: Dj el Pasko kicks of the concert.

As Stickybuds arrived at Oriental Parade’s Tugboat he was swamped by loving fans.

The engine room of the Tugboat began to fill in as local dj el Pasko took to the decks, kicking off the dance floor with a hearty stream of fresh and mellow beats.

The atmosphere got wilder when K+lab entered the scene, raising the tempo and setting the agenda with his signature glitch hop style.

K+lab’s supporters danced with urgency as the Wellington based artist surgically delivered the heavy sounds that got him nominated for best electronica album at last year’s Vodafone Music Awards.


HEAVY BEATS: K+lab jams for the crowd.

And amongst the crowd a familiar curly mane could be seen flowing with the rest of the bunch.

It’s rare these days for international artists to hang out with their fans, often preferring to mull around in tight stinky green rooms sipping pretentious drinks.

Stickybuds appeared to favour the company of his fans rather than the mezzanine floor area set up for him, sharing high fives and conversations with his followers.

As the party rocker stepped up to the decks the crowd began to tighten up toward the front of the stage.

There was a tense moment of anticipation during the transition from K+labs final tracks into Stickybuds.

You could be forgiven for thinking anyone performing under the name like Stickybuds would have to be an avid 4.20 worshiping reggae selector but the opposite is the truth.

Opening with a huge dance floor banger, the veteran dj had the boat rocking from side to side as heavy bass resonated around the steel walls.

As the crowd rocked he seamlessly moved through genres, dropping all eras of hip hop flavours and dicing them with glitchy funk tracks and old dancehall favorites.

Even drum and bass fans were covered as he spun various junglist tunes into the mix.

The moving and shaking was intense as Stickybuds’ loyal mob threw themselves around the dance area much like what you would expect at an 80’s punk rock show.

The only downside to the show would have to be the ticket price of $20 which I heard many punters complain about at the door.

It’s an aspect that tends to plague music promoters nationwide as a huge section of the market like their live music cheap and tend to boycott shows if ticket prices are too high.

But Stickybuds fans are an enthusiastic young lose breed of music lovers who like their electronica with a bit of bite, and love to party.

Although the Tugboat engine room only reached around half capacity, if you were a true Stickybuds fan you wouldn’t have noticed any emptiness at all.

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