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Have you enrolled to vote?

May 12th, 2014 | By | Category: Latest News

across the topA GROUP of young people is campaigning to increase the number of enrolled voters in the build up to the 2014 election.

They’re part of Generation Zero,  an independent organization made up of young New Zealanders committed to bringing about clean, safe energy in New Zealand.

The group’s first effort to enrol voters was a success with 50 voters signed up across Wellington on Saturday.

It’s likely to be the first in what will become a fortnightly event in the build up to the September election.

Volunteers and members of Generation Zero took to the streets of Wellington knocking on doors throughout Mt Victoria, Tinakori, Kelburn and Newtown asking people if they are enrolled to vote in the next election.

People were given the option of signing up on the spot with the Electoral Commission providing the enrollment papers.

The campaign is part of a bigger objective, advocating for clean energy in New Zealand, and they want to encourage people to consider climate change in the next election.

Nina Atkinson, a member of Gen-Zero says, “We are working to increase the number of people enrolled, as part of our effort to inform people which political parties have a strong commitment to climate change.”

Generation Zero is especially focused on enrolling younger voters and believes it’s essential they vote so they can have a say in their future.

“We want to support young people to get involved in our democracy so that they can help ensure that the future we inherit is a safe one,” Nina Atkinson says.

“The decisions, being made today about climate change will shape what our future looks like.”

In the last election 77 percent of eligible voters aged 18-24 enrolled to vote, down from 82 percent at the previous election.

Abby Ward, another member of Gen-zero says this is a huge issue because it shows younger voters are under represented at election time.

They hope however to turn these figures around and inspire people to exercise their democratic rights at election time.


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