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Sunday, 21 April 2019 02:01 pm

FIFA World Cup as it happened – LIVE BLOG

TENSE SUPPORTS:  A group of German supporters who managed to get a table at the packed and rowdy GRAND HOTEL  in Courtenay Place this morning for the FIFA World Cup final.

TENSE SUPPORTS: A group of German supporters who managed to get a table at the packed and rowdy GRAND in Courtenay Place this morning for the FIFA World Cup final.

This is a live blog – please refresh your page for the latest.



German fan celebrating

After game reaction: Proud to be German


After game reaction: A devastated Argentinian fan.

After game reaction: A devastated Argentinian fan.


It was mostly quiet on the second floor of The Grand as Germany was confirmed as the 2014 Football World Cup champions.

The Argentina crowd, once the loudest and most boisterous were quiet, reserved and a few were even reduced to tears as the final whistle blew.

Aqil Mosawi says although he is disappointed to see his team come second best, he isn’t shocked by the result.

“They’re both great teams who deserved to be there and it was a good game,” he says.

Staff at The Grand say there was a definite change in atmosphere from start to finish although everyone is still cheering and celebrating a great match.

They say there is now a number of fans coming to the bar for a well needed coffee hit after a morning of excitement.


Man of the match: Bastien Schweinsteiger.  The midfield general bossed the middle of the park, he showed grit and determination despite his knock-downs.  Even a cut to the face didn’t keep him down, no man deserves the trophy more than he does.

Golden Boot: James Rodriguez.  The Colombian playmaker has been the break-out player of this World Cup campaign.  Remember the name…

Golden Glove: Manuel Neuer.  No doubts about this one, Neuer has been ever-present for the undefeated Germans.  His role as a sweeper-keeper has been vital.

Golden Ball: Lionel Messi.The four-time Ballon d’Or winner led Argentina to the final of the tournament.  Awarding “player of the tournament” to Messi is debatable for many.



TV1 commentators say Germany has spent $1.4 billion over the past two years to develop this team because local players were not coming through to its top Bundeslegia competition. They say the English are looking at the same system because of the dwindling local numbers in the English Premier League.


The HERO: Mario Götze will go down in German football folklore.  Chest, volley, goal!  The little man will go to bed visualising that moment every night for the rest of his life. 


At The Grand the German ambassador says she is absolutely elated by her team’s win.

The German fans are in celebration mode although now that time has finally been called people are already rushing back to work.

The Argentinian fans are noble in defeat, refusing to let their spirits sink too low.


Germany are the world champions of football! The first ever European team to win the Holy Grail on South American soil.  24 years of pain are over, this could be the beginning of a German dynasty.  Football is the true winner, we have been treated to a magnificent World Cup tournament. 



120+3 mins: A horrendous free-kick by Messi, that was his moment. 


120+2 mins: Schweinsteiger takes down Messi.  It’s now or it’s never!  Messi lines up the free-kick… 


120 mins: Final sub for Germany.  Giant centre-back Mertesacker is on for attacking-midfielder Ozil.  That surely has to be it, 2 minutes added on.


120 mins: Last chance now for Argentina.  It doesn’t look likely for them, they’ve only had one shot on target in two hours of play.


Absolute jubilation from German supporters at The Grand.

The fans rise as one to cheer and wave their flags as a goal is finally scored.

The Brazilian ambassador Eduardo Gradilone has already shaken his German counterpart’s hand in congratulations.

Argentinian fans try to keep their spirits up, increasing the volume of their chants.

An Argentina supporter at the Bruhaus also remains hopeful as the bar erupts in cheers around him, “Don’t speak yet. Messi’s still out there.”

The predominantly German crowd at J J Murphy’s is ecstatic.

9:30am: 117 mins: Palacio leaps high with a towering header gone just over the bar. 

9:28am: Mario Götze chests down a cross from Schürrle in the box unmarked, he volleys the ball past the helpless goalkeeper on his left-foot.  He struck it so sweet with finesse and power.  The Germans have gone wild in Rio!  Surely that’s it now, Germany just have to shut up shop for 5 minutes.

Can the magician Messi step up?


112 mins: Schweinsteiger back on with stitches.  No doubt he’ll be a key penalty candidate. 


111 mins: No repeat of the 7-1 in the Germany semi-final. The managers will be penning down their designated penalty-takers. 


109 mins: Schweinstiger fouled again, this time is struck in the face by Aguero during an aerial battle.  The German midfield has been forced to leave the field due to blood flow from the wound. 


The Bruhaus crowd cringes as Schweinsteigers injury is replayed.


The chatter has died down at Bruhaus as fans try to will their teams to victory in extra time and avoid a penalty shoot out.



HT/ET (Half Time/Extra Time): The physio’s role is important now.  Ensuring players don’t get cramp can be vital for these final 15 minutes of open play. 


105 mins: Half-time of extra-time is nearing.  You can cut the tension in the stadium with a knife. 



Over at The Grand there seems to be less of an appetite for a penalty shoot.

The crowd is anxiously waiting for a goal with Argentinian fans quietly hopeful that the match will be theirs.
Crowds around the city react passionately to Argentina’s near miss at a goal, German fans at JJ Murphy’s cheer with relief as it misses the net.


100 mins: Hummels can barely run.  A possible target for the Argentinian attack? 


97mins: Palacio had a chance on a plate, chested it and chipped Neuer, but it went agonisingly wide. 


96 mins: Without doubt, Germany have enjoyed more possession and more shots so far.  However, it is the scoreline that matters in the end. 


The mood at CBD bars The Green Man and Bruhaus is getting tense and the crowds are getting louder as the game goes into over time.

Most are anticipating a penalty shoot out and German fans feel confident that this would see them come out on top.


93 mins: Germany have come out with sense of urgency.  Perhaps they don’t fancy penalties? 


91 mins: Romero saves a blistering shot from Schürrle.


Extra-time it is! Full-time analysis – This game definitely deserved goals, a great 0-0 for neutrals.  Tensions are running high, legs are sore, mindsets will tire in the heat of Rio.  Both sides cautious not to concede rather than go in for the kill.  The 2010 World Cup Final was won in the 116th minute by Spain’s Andrés Iniesta.  It’s not over yet, people! 


90+3 mins: More end-to-end stuff is broken up – once again – by solid defending.  Last chance now before the referee blows for the end of the ninety.


90+1 mins: Götze shoots from distance but his shot was weak. 

At JJ Murphy & Co, German and Argentinian fans alike show their appreciation for Miroslav Klose, cheering as he leaves the pitch. 


88 mins: Hats off to World Cup legend Miroslav Klose.  He closes his record goal tally at 16 goals.  Off he comes to a standing ovation, he is replaced by playmaker Mario Götze. 


86 mins: Argentina use up all their subs.  Fernando Gago on for Enzo Pérez.  A more defensive-minded midfielder, are Argentina holding out for penalties? 


85 mins: Five minutes to go (plus stoppage time).  A goal now will surely kill off the game.  Edgy stuff, extra time is on definitely on the cards… 


81 mins: Kroos with a lackluster shot from just outside the area.  He didn’t connect with that one cleanly, he’ll be disappointed. 


80 mins: Soft penalty shout for Germany, Müller wasn’t exactly mullered, but was knocked over by Mascherano in the box.  No penalty. 


77 mins: Argentina make a sub, a striker for a striker.  Rodrigo Palacio on for Gonzalo Higuain, the man who thought he had scored. 



Staff at The Grand are thrilled to have the German and Argentine embassies at their bar to watch the final this morning. 

Andy Edwards, bar staff member, says having the ambassadors there adds to the atmosphere.
“But for me, it means I have to wake up super early,” he says.


75 mins: Messi orchestrates an long-range shot for himself, the Germans were back in numbers and did enough to put him off. 


The mood at the Green Man Pub and Bruhaus is tense, although who is supporting who is unclear.

The crowd is silent and mainly in business attire as they watch the match.


El Matador owner Mike Marsland is impressed with the passion of Argentinian fans, “they make All Black supporters look like wimps,” he says. 

He believes the Argentinians have been denied a goal, saying that at the last World Cup it would have been allowed.


70 mins: Nice teamwork from Germany, good one-touch passes, but a poor cross from Höwedes on his weaker foot.  If only Germany had a natural left-back.


64 mins: This game is getting feisty.  A yellow card for Mascherano for a terrible tackle, and a yellow for Aguero for another offence.  8:25am: 62 mins: Half-time substitute Aguero hustles Hummels to win a corner. 


BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at the Maracana:

“The two coaches are an interesting study in body language. Germany’s Joachim Low is an upright figure, shirtsleeves rolled up and looking relatively calm. Argentina’s Alejandro Sabella is pacing his technical area, animated and often stooping with his hands on his knees, almost as if he is tempted to get on and join his players. Sabella never looks relaxed.” – via the BBC  


59 mins: Klose rises for a header but is unable to direct it with any conviction. 


Live Radio Update: 


57 mins: Neuer rushes out to punch to ball away from Higuian, completely taking out the striker in the process.  The Argentinians are furious, ref says not a foul. 


54 mins: Schürrle tripped outside the box, referee played advantage and deemed the subsequent cleared German cross as sufficient advantage to Schürrle‘s dismay. 


51 mins: The Brazilians in the crowd are clearly supporting the Germans.  Argentina winning the World Cup in Brazil will only add salt to the wound after a poor outing in the semi-finals and 3rd place playoff.


STARTING YOUNG: Wibke Kreft with five weeks old Moritz Dümlein in a German shirt. Note the German colours on Wibke’s nails.

STARTING YOUNG: Wibke Kreft with five weeks old Moritz Dümlein in a German shirt. Note the German colours on Wibke’s nails.


The German Ambassador, Dr. Anne-Marie Schleich, says that the match could go either way.

Despite Germany’s trouncing of Brazil last week, she believes anything could happen between now and full time.

Argentinian fans at El Matador agree, describing the match as being on a knife edge.

The crowd is anxious and tense with many pinning their hopes on Lionel Messi to lead Argentina to victory.



8:10am: There has only ever been one entirely goalless World Cup Final, that was Brazil vs Italy in USA ’94.

8:09am: 47 mins: Messi misplaces his shot just wide of the post.  You’d expect the four-time Ballon d’Or winner to hit the target from there.


Reporters at The Grand say confidence seems to be dwindling coming into the second half.

Rocio Alvarez, a traveller from Mendoza, Argentina, says “We’re doing okay, I just hope we can hold on. But I’m not so sure.”


Separate territories are being formed at The Grand in Wellington as football fans band together for the second half of the World Cup Final.

Argentinian fans draped in flags and face paint are staking their territory on the second floor while the Germans remain composed on the first floor, eating their breakfast and making little noise.

Any attempt at blending from the Germans is shot down by Argentinian fans who are determined to maintain an exclusive party of blue and white.


There is an atmosphere of friendly rivalry at The Grand as the score remains nil all at half time. 

German and Argentinian fans sit side by side although there are clear cultural divides in their spectatorship styles.

German fans remain reserved until the ball gets near the goal while the Argentinian crowd dominates the atmosphere with singing and chanting.


From the BBC:

© BBC - Andre Schurrle has 3 sub goals for Germany at World Cup 2014

© BBC – Andre Schurrle has 3 sub goals for Germany at World Cup 2014 (via BBC SPORT)

Half time:

Half-time reflection: End-to-end action, supporters have not been short-changed here at the Estádio do MaracanãRio de Janeiro, only thing missing in this game are goals.  Both sides have turned up very well organised, it hasn’t been a boring 0-0 by any means!  It will take a moment of brilliance to open the scoring… 


Here’s some pics from Brazil!


At The Grand – Confidence seems to be taking a beating as it nears half time.

Argentinians rejoice at the Germans missed goal opportunity.

7: 49am: 

45+2 mins: A glorious opportunity for Germany to take the lead right before half-time.  A corner meets the head of Höwedes, who’s powerful header smacks off the post into the offside Müller 7:47am:

German family

GO GERMANY: It was all Germany in the Miramar home of the Kreft family, from left, grandmother Margot Kreft-Kötter, Wibke Kreft, Georg Dümlein, baby Moritz Dümlein, Steffen Kreft, Konrad Kreft (3), and lone Kiwi William Connor.


45 mins: Two minutes of additional time added.  Neither side have a natural left-back, clearly both teams are attacking each other down that weak side. 


44 mins: Müller whips in a cross from German right side, target-man Klose couldn’t quite get there.


Carla Ramos, a traveler from Argentina, says “we have to win, there’s no other way. Football is in our blood”

German fans are remaining composed and staring intensely at the screen throughout the ordeal while Argentinians remain boisterous and rowdy.
43 mins: Weak shot from Kroos.  Romero cuddles the ball with ease. 


40 mins: German supporters are on edge, nervy stuff as Argentina are really getting into the game.  Another mazy run by Messi required some desperate defending by the Germans. 


37 mins: Schürrle puts his stamp on the game with a bullet-shot saved by Romero.  The flag was up for offside, it wouldn’t have counted. 


The crowd at El Matador is getting into the swing of things as Argentina comes close to scoring once again. Disappointment follows cheering as the ball comes close but goes out of play.


Cuba Street’s El Matador is packed with more than 50 Argentinian fans enjoying coffee and pastries while they stare, transfixed, on the restaurant’s one small screen.

The mostly young crowd is dressed casually with only a few in team colours. The mood is so far relaxed but lively.

Meanwhile at The Grand the mood is tense, with much Spanish cussing coming from the Argentinian camp. Fans’ heads are in their hands as Argentina is denied not one but two goals.


36 mins:  Messi runs at the German defence, he had options either side of him but failed to find the needle in the haystack. 


31 mins: A dream start for Kramer has been shattered.  Injury has forced the youngster to be subbed off.  Super-sub André Schürrle is on in place.  A holding-midfielder off for an attacking winger, an interesting move by manager Joachim Löw


Argentinian fans at The Grand, Wellington are jumping, clapping and even jumping on tables as Argentina comes close to scoring the first goal. 


30 mins: DISALLOWED GOAL!  Gonzalo Higuain coolly slots in a cross from Lavezzi.  The crowd goes wild, but the assistant’s flag is raised.  Higuain was clearly offside.


28 mins: Klose streches for the ball from a cross, but is offside.


7 hours of playing time since Argentina have conceded a goal, an impeccably drilled defence.  What happens when the unstoppable force meets an immovable object?


21 mins: Higuain gifted a one-on-one opportunity after a poor back-pass from Kroos.  He scuppered the shot wide.  Best chance of the game by country mile!   


17 mins: Unexpected starter Christoph Kramer, goes down after a collision with Garay.  After treatment, he is fine to continue. 



15 mins: Germany enjoying most of the ball so far, Argentina looking to get chances against the run of play.  An open game, neither team holding out for penalties.  There will be goals, folks!


13 mins: Delightful cross placed in by Lahm, inviting Klose but he couldn’t quite make it.


9 mins: Lionel Messi shows what a danger he can be, bursting past Hummels but had his cross cleared. 


4 mins: Higuain’s attempt on goal goes wide after Argentina’s counter-attack from the free-kick.


3 mins in: Rojo fouls Muller, free-kick 30 years from goal.  Schweinsteiger’s shot blocked by the wall.

At the Grand, Argentinian fan Peter Khontyngkut says football is taking over traditional sports in places such as the US.

“Football is getting more popular in the USA, the number of the public who watched it in the last few years has exceeded the number watching the world series in the USA”.


“After 63 games, which have featured 170 goals, 10 red cards, four penalty shootouts and one bite, Argentina meet Germany in the World Cup final at the Maracana.”  – ESPN


The doors have opened at Wellington’s Grand on Courtenay place and the World Cup party is underway.

Both the German ambassador and Argentina’s deputy ambassador are leading their country’s support groups who have gathered to watch the final live.

At this point, the Argentinian contingent is making its presence felt in true argentine style with about 70 supporters chanting loudly in Spanish, “ole ole ola, cada dia te amo mas”.




Nominees for the Golden Ball (best player) are in!

From Argentina we have Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, and Javier Mascherano. From Germany its Mats Hummels, Toni Kroos, Phillip Lahm, and Thomas Muller.


Race for Golden Boot (top scorer):

  • Müller needs just one goal to overtake Colombia’s Rodriguez
  • Messi can take the prize with a hat-trick or two goals and at least one assist


The Maracana stadium now:

Brazilian stadium

via Snapchat


The teams are in! Welcome to the 2014 World Cup Final! We’re all in a buzz in the newsroom! We’ll bring you the action and excitement! We may be far from Rio, but we’ll bring you the action from Wellington, from its pubs to its streets.

The 2014 line up (Captains in bold) –

Germany has: Neuer, Howedes, Hummels, Khedira, Schweinsteiger, Ozil, Klose, Muller, Lahm, Kroos, Boateng.

Argentina: Romero, Garay, Zabaleta, Biglia, Perez, Higuain, Messi, Mascherano, Demichelis, Rojo, Lavezzi.


The NewsWire team kicks off online coverage of the FIFA World Cup final, following mainstream and social media coverage of the even.

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