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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 04:34 am

VIDEO: Journalism students thrown curve ball for World Cup

WORDS: Liam Cavanagh; VIDEO: Hayley Gastmeier.

NEWSWIRE reporters charged into off-field action as Germany and Argentina battled it out on the playing field in Rio de Janiero for the FIFA World Cup.

Students filed into the newsroom at 6am and dispersed moments later to cover the World Cup final spectators in Wellington.

Reporters converged on The Grand, a popular Courtenay Place sports bar, which proved to be a magnet for football fans, Whitireia journalists and national media.

Film junkies Hayley Gastmeier and Francesca Jago set out to make a short news video for NewsWire, while radio reporters Joshua Price and Eddy Kerr-Hislop came to us with live crosses for radio.

“It was exciting being amongst the fans,” says Hayley.

Amanda Carrington and Finn Rainger were the prime photojournalists, capturing the emotions, tears, the devastated Argentinians and the ecstatic Germans.

Amanda Herrera spoke to the fans, gauging the inner psyches, and channelled the hopes and fears into snippets of copy for the live blog.

Lize Immelman opted for German maternal fans at home, with happy little toddlers. “They were breast-feeding, so they were happy little fans,” she says.

Football fanatic, Matthew Lau, arguably had the best role of the team, happily watching the game, sending through live game updates to live blog editor, Liam Cavanagh.

“I got to watch the game and talk about it. It was a good role for me,” says Matthew.

Tess Nichol was liaising with roving reporters Susan Teodoro, Jonty Dine, Ashleigh Manning, and Steven Read, writing up pieces for NewsWire.

Susan thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“It was a great learning experience, and a good win for Germany,” says a beaming Susan.

Yong-Choo Lee was scanning social media, finding the best tweets and snapchats from the game to feed to the live blog.

“Audience participation is a good thing,” says YC.

Sarah Wilson’s job was the most exceptional – finding the best flat white in town for live blog editor, Liam.

Sarah also fed snippets of action received via texts and calls.

Sam Worthington and BBC alumni Ann Charles were on radio tech, ensuring live crosses were not off-side.

Radio chief Sue Burgin walked around the room, watching the game nervously, hoping for an Argentinian win.

Bernie Whelan, our newsroom chief suspected hot croissants and coffee might pull everyone together, and like a top striker, he delivered.

Once the game was over, it was back to the newsroom for everyone to file stories, pictures, video and radio for the Newswire website.

Are the newsroom chiefs happy with everyone’s effort?

“It was great that everyone jumped in like journalists and made the effort, especially so early on in the course. I’m pleased to say everyone’s done really well,” says Bernie.

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