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Cunliffe outshines off-key Prime Minister according to punters

Sep 19th, 2014 | By | Category: Latest News, News

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JOHN Key has failed to impress voters in the final leader’s debate.

General consensus from social media and those interviewed by the NewsWire team is that the Prime Minister was flat, looked tired and appeared disinterested.

“Key really looked like an old man at the end of his tether,” says John Heslop(25) of Aro Valley.

For others, David Cunliffe presented well and was more self-assured than his counterpart.    

“Cunliffe defiantly outshone Key. John Key came across as petulant while Cunliffe was composed and confident,” Jaime White (34) of Kelburn says.

“David Cunliffe looked very presidential, Key looked like the kid not picked for the school team,” Miss White says.

Also on Twitter: 

Many were frustrated by the nature in which the candidates conducted themselves feeling it was too much of a “shouty affair.”

Meanwhile on Twitter:

“I’d have to give it to Cunliffe; he didn’t need to act like a child to get his point across,” Allison Reynolds (49) from Karori says.

Similarly on Twitter:

Linda Wallace (48) says the debate would have influenced her co-workers had they not voted prior.

“I’ve spoken to a few colleagues who after last night wished they could go change their vote. It has definitely put me off Key. The whole debate was a debacle,” she says.

Cunliffe was not without his doubters however, as Joshua Arnold says,

David Cunliffe hurt himself by trying to speak over Key which is something he has already been criticised for.

“Both were trying to get a word on top of the other which made it very difficult to follow.

Hosking had pretty poor control over the situation,” Mr Arnold says.

Mr Arnold was not the only one to challenge host Mike Hosking’s demeanour.

And on Twitter:

What influence if any, the debate will have on the country’s decision is yet to be seen, however if the feelings on the Wellington streets are indicative of the countries opinion, Mr Key has not helped himself three days out from the election.

The last chance to enroll for the general election is Friday September 19.

The Electoral Commission  said today that 91.7% of eligible voters were now on the roll.

However, there are still 280,500 eligible voters who are not enrolled or ready to vote on Election Day.


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