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Sunday, 24 February 2019 07:16 pm

Labour’s McAnulty not surprised by undecided voters

Labour candidate for Wariarapa, Kieran McAnulty, speaks to an audience at the Carterton Events Centre.LABOUR candidate Kieran McAnulty says the high number of undecided votes is hugely encouraging.  

Twenty percent of voters polled this week by the NewsWire team say they would give their electorate vote to Mr McAnulty (right) and 17% (72 people out of 409) planned on giving their party vote to Labour.

“I’m not surprised at all at the results,” says Mr McAnulty of the high number of undecided voters in the poll.

“It clearly shows what I’ve always said, that Wairarapa people will put serious thought into what candidate they want.”

“They won’t just vote for the candidate of their favoured party.”

Just over one out of five (23%) voters plan on changing their party pick and the same proportion of voters we asked had not decided which party to choose.

McAnulty says he finds the fact that 3% would give Green candidate John Hart their vote interesting, as Mr Hart has been asking people to put their candidate vote towards Labour.

“People who vote for Hart would only be assisting Alastair Scott in getting a seat.”

He is confident of getting the numbers he needs to secure his spot, despite the last National candidate receiving half the vote.

“That hasn’t automatically translated into support for the National candidate this time.”

In the poll 32% or said they would be changing their candidate vote and 29% are undecided.

“It is clear that a large number of those voters are considering voting for me. Otherwise they would have simply indicated they would continue to support [National candidate] Mr Scott.”

McAnulty says after door knocking around thousands of homes, two out of five people have indicated their support.

“I have a good feel of the mood out there. I know that a large number of National and Green Party supporters are seriously considering giving me their candidate vote.”

He says people are looking for someone who is genuine, especially after the recent ‘bad handling of the dirty politics’.

He is ‘not at all focused’ on a Labour/Green/Mana coalition.

While McAnulty says the “race is wide open”, he notes NZ First candidate Ron Mark will have an impact on still undecided votes.

He says running solely as an electorate candidate “absolutely” gives him an edge over his opposition.

“Talk is cheap but I’m the only one taking action.”

“Other candidates say they are, but they are also hedging their bets by being on the party list.”

“I’m standing for the right reasons, I want to represent Wairarapa. I don’t want to use it as a stepping stone to get into Parliament.”

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