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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 12:06 pm

NewsWire’s live coverage of the 2014 General Election

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12.48am: Fran Jago covered the Labour party for Ohariu and talked to candidate Virginia Anderson. Here is her story. 

12.39am: Finn Rainger talked to National Wellington Central candidate Paul Foster-Bell who felt confident about the results. Read his story here.

12.35am: Nicole Adamson and Sarah Wilson walked the streets of Wellington asking people about the election. Read their story here.

12.26am: Sue Teodoro caught up with Chris Finlayson from National, who was tight lipped about result. Read her story here:

12.20am: Jonty Dine was covering the greens party at Bodega bar in Welllington. He talked to Green supporters who conceded defeat. Read his story here.

12.18am: Newswire reporters were out during the night at Wellington Central candidate party meetings.

11.48pm: “We are the finest little nation on the planet,” John Key says. “Our future as a country is bright and our opportunities are unlimited.”

11.45pm: Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party received almost twice the level of support than United Future.

11:44pm: Final result: National’s Nikki Kaye claims a hard-won victory in Auckland Central, beating Labour’s Jacinda Ardern by 647 votes.

11.35pm: “I will lead a Government that governs for all of New Zealand” – Prime Minister John Key says during his speech at headquarters.

11.26pm: John Key enters the National party HQ, surrounded by National supporters.

11.25pm: Final result: The Mana electorate goes to Labour’s Kris Faafoi, beating out Hekia Parata by 6,785 votes.

11.20pm: Final result: Grant Roberston holds on to Wellington Central for Labour, according to stuff.

11.15pm: Final result: Te Ururoa Flavell wins Waiariki, but it’s looking like the Maori Party’s only victory, via Stuff.

11.13pm: Says he’s feeling “ecstatic”, says Stuff.

11.08pm: John key has arrived at the National party HQ.

11.01pm: Radio New Zealand tweets: David Cunliffe has conceded.

  10.57pm: “It has been an incredible privilege to lead this party,” says David Cunliffe during his speech. 10.55pm: Kim Dotcom said they did not lose because of their leadership or campaign – ‘but I have to admit that we lost because of me.’
‘I take full responsibility… The brand of Kim Dotcom was poison for what we wanted to acheive.’ Says that became apparent over time. Supporters say it is because if the way the media portrays him. ‘Shame on the media,’ they say. He also apologised to Harawira who lost his seat. He says they have opened people’s eyes ‘and made an impact.’ He says when the time comes ‘and I’m not part of the movement… I think you guys are going to do really well.’ via Michael Fox of Fairfax Media 10.53pm: “Cunliffe is here and the crowd is exuberant. Big thanks to caucus and supporters….taking his time with the concession.” via Stuff 10.48pm: Huge support at Labour HQ as David Cunliffe arrives. Cunliffe (below) puts a positive spin on tonight’s disappointing results.david 10.45pm: David Cunliffe arrives at Labour party HQ. 10.38pm: ‘Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Kim Dotcom,’ they chant. John Minto says he does not believe the relationship with Kim Dotcom sunk Mana, saying instead it was the might of the political establishment. The alliance was worth the risk. With 92% of the votes counted, Kelvin Davis is just over 1000 votes ahead of Hone Harawira.

Michael Fox of Fairfax Media, via Instagram

10.36pm: Patrick Gower, 3 News political reporter has reported that John Key could still look to do a deal with Winston Peters even though they don’t need him. A decision will be made tomorrow.

10.35pm: Internet Party leader Laila Harre (below) dodges reporters looking for her reaction after it transpires that she will not be re- entering parliament. laila               10.32pm: Paul Henry says it’s time for National to cut ACT loose on TV3. 10.29pm: Former Listener editor Finlay McDonald uses a few choice words to give his opinion on the impact of the spying issue on this election. 10.27pm: Paul Foster-Bell offers his congratulations to Grant Robertson who has won the Wellington Central electorate seat. The National candidate for Wellington Central spent the night surrounded by supporters at the Backbenchers pub in Wellington. Many of his supporters felt the campaign was never about winning the seat, but more about promoting National and making the party stronger. They say this is reflected in the strong polling so far tonight by National. 10.25pm: 62 seats for National, 31 for Labour. 10.12pm: Eleven electorates have been decided. Clutha-Southland, Dunedin South, Invercargill, Nelson, New Plymouth, North Shore, Rangitata, Tauranga, Wairarapa, Waitaki and West Coast-Tasman. grantwin2 10.18pm: Labour candidate Grant Robertson (right) has again won Wellington Central. 10.14pm: 1,917,319 of votes have been counted, 90%. Only 10% to go. 10.14pm: Rangitata has counted 100% of votes, with Jo Goodbrew of National taking the electorate. 10.13pm: Colin Craig going to give it another shot next election, says Chris Bramwell of Radio New Zealand. 10.12pm: Final result: National’s Maggie Barry wins North Shore with 14,631 votes more than Labour’s Claire Szabo.

Final result: Labour’s Clare Curran has won Dunedin South by 3,701 votes.

10.07pm: Greens co-leaders Metiria Turei and Russel Norman (below) walk to the podium to give their speeches. The Greens had hoped for 15% but have fallen short, although there are still overseas votes to be counted. greens                 9.59pm: Winston Peters refuses to speak to 3News reporter Tova O’Brien after she questioned him about whether he would call John Key now that Key doesn’t need New Zealand First. 9.58pm: Final result: National’s Sarah Dowie has won Invercargill, by 6,922, says Stuff 9.55pm: Trevor Mallard is set to win the Hutt South electorate. 9.50pm: The 3 news panel says they are surprised and are not sure if any NZ Government as received this amount of support for a third term. National’s 724,866 party votes put them in a very safe lead. 9.48pm: “The real story is Te Tai Tokerau”- Duncan Garner, 3News. 9.47pm: Almost 80% of the votes have been counted and National holds its clear lead of 49%. 9.43pm: FINAL RESULT: National’s Todd Barclay wins Clutha-Southland, says Stuff 9.43pm: Things are looking grim for Labour across the country, but at the Wharewaka Labour supporter tells NewsWire’s Liam Cavanagh that she is feeling positive with 40% of the votes counted that “there’s room for us to change the government”. 9.41pm: Jonty Dine and YC Lee went onto the streets of Wellington early this evening to gauge the mood and they found that political scandals and child poverty were big issues. 9.40pm: Just over 70% of the votes in Te Tai Tokerau have been counted and Labour’s Kelvin Davis is ahead by almost 500 votes. 9.38pm: National are leading with 49% of votes and is looking to be the clear winner for the third consecutive election tweets 3News. 9.33pm: Matthew Hooten says this is an historic election and that National’s high levels of support can in part be put down to John Key’s personality and his “connection with the New Zealand people” on TV3. 9.24pm: NewsWire’s Liam Cavanagh reports from the Wharewaka on Wellington’s waterfront that Labour Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins is very nervous for Trevor Mallard. “Knife Edge,” he says of the Hutt South electorate in which Mallard is 200 votes ahead about 9.15pm 9.20pm: Wellington mayor Celia Wade- Brown was at the Backbencher and told Amanda Herrera this election’s high turnout is “healthy for democracy.” 9.19pm: Duncan Garner on 3News says he’s calling the election- “I don’t see how the left can come back from this.” 9.16pm: Paul Foster- Bell is happy at the Backbencher in Wellington, telling Amanda Herrera “the numbers are looking great for National”. 9.15pm: With 100% of the Advance votes counted, National is ahead with 47.99% of the vote. Labour has 24.44% and the Greens have 9.98%. NZ First have 9.10% and the Conservative have 4.33%. 9.14pm: From Christchurch, Ngaire Button, candidate for Te tai tonga for the Maori Party, tells NewsWires Nicole Adamson she’s not nervous, and is glad to be sitting down with her family.  She has spent the day preparing herself for tonight, baking, and she also voted at Redwood Primary school. She and her family are gathered together watching the results at Te Rangimarie Cente in Foster Street, Christchurch. 9.08pm: Kelvin Davis leading by a hair’s breadth in Te Tai Tokerau. Has Hone’s involvement with the Internet Party cost him his electorate, asks 3News. 9.08pm: Clutha-Southland (lower South Island) looks to be the first electorate
to have its votes counted. 8.59pm: 3News political reporter Duncan Garner says it was expected National might have dropped its lead by now but the party is still in a strong lead. 8.55pm: National need 47.9% to govern alone. With a 5% wasted vote, they are sitting on 48.9%.

8.53pm: Radio New Zealand running a live feed as the night rolls on,-with-a-quarter-of-votes-counted

8.52pm: National Party cabinet minister, Hekia Parata says they are on the cusp of something great. Hayley Gastmeier reports.

8:45pm: Colin Craig is currently lagging 4,659 votes behind Murray McCully in the East Coast Bays electorate, says Stuff.

8.43pm: Paul Henry and John Campbell remind viewers that the Greens have traditionally benefited from overseas votes.

8.41pm: At the Backbench across the road from Parliament, Paul Forster-Bell is ready for a good night after a busy campaign. He talks to Amanda Hererra.

8.40pm: The election is in God’s hands now, Chris Fa’afoi tells NewsWire’s Hayley Gastmeier at his team’s party at the Titahi Bay RSA.

8.39pm: James Shaw expects to be one of the new MPs tonight. He talks to NewsWire at the Greens party at Bodega in Wellington.

8:40pm: Paula Bennett has arrived at National HQ, says Stuff

8.36pm: Hone Harawira tells John Campbell he has no regrets about Mana’s coalition with the Internet Party: “I look forward to bringing Laila in, I look forward to bringing Annete Sykes in, I look forward to bringing John Minto in”

8.35pm: Currently NZ First is sitting at 9% of the vote so far and president Anne Martin is happy with this result, says Hamish Rutherford, Political Reporter at Fairfax Media.

8.33pm: With almost 25% of votes counted National leads with 49% according to

8.30: David Seymour is leading in the Epsom electorate with 1,457 votes.

8:29pm: Labour took 27 percent of the party vote in 2011 – currently on 24 percent at this stage of the night, says Stuff. 8:22pm: Te Ururoa Flavell is confident at this stage of holding the seat for Maori Party, says Radio New Zealand

8.18: One News is updating as votes are being counted. 8.05: Wellington Central candidate Grant Robertson of Labour is ahead of National Paul Foster-Bell  with 17.6% of the votes counted 8.03pm: National’s Wellington Central candidate Paul Foster- Bell tells NewsWire’s Amanda Herrera it is “too early to tell” who will win but is feeling good so far. He is mingling with National Party volunteers and doorknockers at the Backbencher pub in Wellington. 7.52pm: Liam Cavanagh reports from the Wharewaka – Wellington City Councillor Labour member Paul Eagle delivers a quote from Annette King who is yet to arrive: “It’s been hard work, long hours and lousy pay but is been fun. 7.51pm: As TV reports Stuart Nash is an early leader in Napier, NewsWire’s Liam Cavanagh reports a huge cheer goes up at the WhareWaka in Wellington as they sniff and upset in a seat with a big National majority in 2011. 7:50pm: David Cunliffe and his wife Karen have been feeding the reporters outside their home, says Radio New Zealand.

7.45: Co-leader Metiria Turei from the Green Party has started preparing her speech. 7.42: Iain Lees-Galloway is the leading candidate so far in the Palmerston North electorate. 7.39: David Cunliffe looks relaxed while the election coverage appears on TV.

7.38pm: NZ First are holding out high hopes for this election, with jellybeans being given out to supporters reports Hamish Rutherford.

7.35pm: Parties need to cross the 5 per cent threshold to win an seats without taking an electorate – the Conservatives are currently the closest minor party at 4.5 per cent, says Stuff.

7:27pm: Currently there is no clear lead in the Hutt South electorate, with Trevor Mallard leading by a 678 vote margin over Chris Bishop, according to Stuff.

7.26pm: It stopped raining at 4.30pm in Titahi Bay which gave voters enough time to get their vote in. However, the weather wasn’t stopping John Ohara, president of the Titahi Bay RSA who made sure he got his vote in early today. Mr Ohara is hosting Labour candidate Kris Fa’afoi’s party tonight at the RSA. “Kris will win hands down,” he told NewsWire’s Hayley Gastmeier. 

7.23: With just over 9 per cent of the vote counted, NZ First is out-polling the Greens, says Stuff

7.22pm: 7Days offering light relief with Jeopardy-style jokes- what is the question if the answer is 5%? “How much of Peter Dunne’s hair does he have control over?”

7 .16pm: In Christchurch, Dora Roimata Langsbury tells NewsWire’s Sarah Wilson she is hopeful she will have a new job by the end of the night. The Green Party candidate for Te Tai Tonga, covering from Wellington city into the South Island, spent the day with her family after weeks of navigating through the Maori electorate to gather support for her campaign. “You never know what can happen, but hopefully by the end of the night ill have a new job,” she says. Langsbury will be awaiting the results at the Greens’ Christchurch party which she says is all about the supporters, not the candidates. She is 27th on the party list, so needs to win the seat.

7.14pm: Could this be the beginning of the end for Hone Harawira and Internet/ Mana? Early days of course but Kelvin Davis is currently leading in Te Tai Tokerau tweets One News.

7.08: 0.5% of advanced votes have been counted, with National leading by 54%.
7.08pmOver at the Green Party election night event, they have a taco truck, says RadioNZ Craig McCulloch

7:04pm: NewsWire reporter Liam Cavanagh is at the Wharewaka, venue of the Labour Party gathering for greater Wellington,  President of Young Labour Jesse Lipscombe is excited about young people turning out in droves the election: “Young people are starting to own that vote and use it. I’ve been at Victoria Uni this last week for the early voting booths and having a chat to students about who they’re voting for and how voting works and most conversations end in “I’ve already voted!” – it’s so awesome to hear that.”  6.57pm: Radio New Zealand prepares to go live at 7pm

6.52pm: New Zealand’s political commentators write up their last analyses of this election season.

6.48pm: Political reporters are beginning to show their excitement, RadioLive’s Jessica Williams had this to say:

6.43pm: The weather has been pretty grim throughout the country and Fairfax political reporter Hamish Rutherford says it’s currently pouring down in Auckland.

6.30pm: New Zealand Herald is ready for the night ahead, whatever the results may be. The Herald newsroom fridge is prepared for whatever happens. Cottage cheese for all!

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