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Newtown voters can be a trusting bunch -but they want answers

Sep 8th, 2014 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

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THOUGHTFUL answers, rhetoric and absurdity left Rongotai voters better informed after a candidates meeting in Newtown.

The packed crowd of 250 at St Anne’s Hall were entertained by 10 candidates.

Voters spoken to by NewsWire, some of whom asked not to be identified, said honesty and respect was what they were looking for.

Hannah, 27, said the biggest issue of the election was trust and she felt the politicians were truthful throughout the meeting.

Evan Harris, 54 said: “It was a great atmosphere and the candidates were as honest as politicians could be.”

The candidates were put under pressure by a tough and skeptical crowd and had to address issues ranging from housing and social welfare to health care and the environment.

Housing conditions in particular was an issue raised on several occasions and it drew some animated responses from the crowd.

Peter, 51, said the meeting was entertaining as usual and the candidates were challenged by the public to propose solutions.

One attendee said the politicians all managed to get their point across, but he is still unsure who to vote for.

Another voter thought the candidates got straight to the point when addressing the important issues and were polite throughout the meeting.

Michelle, who describes herself as “and experienced voter”, wanted the candidates to think outside of the box.

chris finalyson meet the candidates INPOST 18-55mmHowever she thought they all just gave a “classic political spin” on the questions asked.

Another thought the meeting was lively but was turned off by the vigorous responses made by National candidate, Chris Finlayson.

Among the challenging questions was one from Berhampore resident Tom Hutchinson, 26, who asked what they would do to strengthen the health care system.

He was unhappy with the response from Chris Finlayson (left) and said he didn’t address the problem.

“I just wanted an explanation and a solution. I didn’t get that,” he said.

Of those spoken to by NewsWire, many said they were still undecided about who to vote for.

The Rongotai Candidates are: Chris Finalyson, National, Sultan Eusoff, United Future, Annette King, Labour, Russell Norman, Green, Ariana Tamati, Mana Party, Brent Pierson, NZ First, Don Richards, Independent, Bruce Welsh, Conservative, John Overton, Patriotic Revolutionary Front, Aaron Carter, Climate.

Advance voting is now available at Newtown Library and election day is September 20.

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