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Wednesday, 22 May 2019 04:46 am

Mark the most popular choice for voters clear about change


Ron Mark (right) is the biggest winner from those who have already decided to change their Wairarapa electorate vote in this year’s election.

Of the 101 people said they would be changing, 28 of them said Mark was getting their vote.

The Carterton Mayor and New Zealand First candidate received positive comments in Monday’s phone poll by Whitireia Journalism students for the election.

“Ron Mark is a much more sensible and hard-working person to put in there,” said one of those spoken to.

“Because I like Ron Mark,” said another change voter, of the Mayor of Carterton.

The next highest number was 25 people who knew they were going to change but they were unsure.

Both Labour Party candidate Kieran McAnulty and National Party candidate Alastair Scott recorded 19 change votes each.

Both the Conservative Party and the Greens come in next with  three people reporting that they would be changing their electorate vote to them.

Of the 78 who said they would change their party vote, the biggest number were undecided who would receive it – 27.

Next is the Labour Party with 13 and then National Party with 11. NZ First also featured strongly with 10. Greens recorded  nine and Conservative Party seven.

Newswire team:  Tessa Nichol, Ashleigh Manning, Lize Immelman, Francesca Jago, Susan Teodoro, Matthew Lau, Amanda Carrington, Jonty Dine, Nicole Adamson, Finn Rainger, Sarah Wilson, Amanda Herrera, Hayley Gastmeier, Liam Cavanagh YC Lee, Josh Price Eddy Kerr-Hislop, Rachel Rasch.

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