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Saturday, 23 February 2019 06:40 am

Wellington streets not too concerned about election result

Sep 20th, 2014 | By | Category: Latest News, News



ELECTION TOWN: From left Jason Van der Vegt and Frazer McGee with two drinking buddies talk politics.

THE ELECTION was vying with wrestling for drinkers’ attention in Courtenay Place and Cuba St tonight.

NewsWire’s Nicole Adamson and Sarah Wilson took to the streets for election reaction.

Despite a divisive campaign involving ministers resigning, dirty politics and spying, consensus was that the campaign had not swayed many voters.

Jason Van der Vegt: No, not me, I don’t vote.

Frazer McGee: Yep, voted National, we’re not watching the election, we’re just walking the streets. Kim Dotcom should go back to Germany, and National should take over.

Troy Setefano, barman at Hotel Bristol has voted and the campaign hasn’t changed his opinion: People are more interested in the fight, we (barmen) are interested in the election. (The election was on the TV behind the bar).

Roi Reid: He didn’t vote but would have voted for Green. Legalise weed!

Policeman Paul Tualafata, right: They have no extra police officers out tonight, and they are not expecting any riots. They are treating tonight as just another normal Saturday night.

Brandon, barman at J.J.Murphys: We’re not streaming the election here because no one as asked for it. We play what gets asked for and tonight it was the fight.


NOT SWAYED: Peter and Janine are more interested in policies than Dirty Politics.

Hemi: Didn’t vote but would have voted for the Maori Party because they give his people a voice. He doesn’t like the idea of a coalition with National.

J.T: Yes, the campaign was good and swayed his decision for who he voted for.

Peter: Yes, campaign didn’t sway his vote. He says the campaign was bad, no one wanted to talk about policies, and they just talked nonsense.

Janine: They talked too much about dirty politics and not enough about their policies.


Timotheus Booth: Yes, it’s been interesting, the campaign hasn’t swayed my vote.

VOTE DONE: Timotheus Booth and Holly Cook toast to election night with friends.

Holly Cook: Labour need to take over National, National need to get out, vote Labour so we can get National out of power.

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