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Friday, 22 March 2019 05:48 am

PHOTO ESSAY: Wild southerly winter slams capital


WELLINGTON AND its southern coastline was battered by wild weather during August 2014 as a series of southerly blasts hit the capital.

In one of the most dramatic moments a hail storm struck on 14 August, pelting the streets with stones the size of small marbles.

Moments later the zephyrometer ‘wind needle’in Evans Bay took a direct lightning hit and was severely damaged.

It has since been tied down for safety.

The high seas and wind that accompanied the storm caused huge waves and debris-strewn beaches.

At least one fishing boat was badly damaged.

The “Star of The Sea” slipped its mooring in Island bay and had to be removed from the beach by a crane.

Although most of the south coast was deserted, a few hardy souls ventured out to walk their dogs.

As the storm receded, the wind and kite-surfers hit the beach to ride the huge swells.

This photo essay attempts to capture the effect of the storms of August 2014 together with the desolate beauty of Wellington’s south coast and its inhabitants.




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