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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 12:11 pm

WATCH: Volunteers keeping Lyall Bay’s coastline litter free

ON THE first Sunday of each month a team of volunteers clean up rubbish at Lyall Bay beach.

At 10am the group gathers at the playground where bags and gloves, supplied by the council, are distributed.

James Grigg has been attending the monthly clean-up for eight years and says it is about keeping the beach clean and protecting wildlife such as birds, dolphins and fish.

“It’s doing something to ensure they don’t eat the rubbish and therefore causing them problems.”

The amount of rubbish volunteers collect depends on the weather.

Mr Grigg says during the winter they may collect just a couple of bags but in summer, when the kids are on holiday, they get six or seven bags quite easily.

“We want to keep the place looking nice for whoever comes here, either visitors or the locals.”

“It’s a small minority of people that do litter and really it’s just laziness on their behalf.”

After one hour everyone returns their rubbish bags to the playground and the council is called to come and collect it.

The monthly event helps build up community relationships and Mr Grigg encourages more people to join the club.

“It would be nice to get more people involved from the community, it’s good fun and they can bring their kids along for the hour.”

“It can make a big difference through the course of the year and beyond that.”

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