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New Kelburn Normal School principal has an exciting year.

Apr 2nd, 2015 | By | Category: Latest News, Uncategorized

Kelburn principal

ONE year into his new job, the principal of Kelburn Normal School is celebrating an exciting year.

Andrew McFarlane came to Kelburn Normal from Spring Creek School in Marlborough in January last year and says the one of the main differences between an urban school and a rural one are the opportunities the kids have.

“The opportunities are right on our doorstep. At Spring Creek, the kids would have to travel to Wellington to experience things like international games and the artistic opportunities, here they are right at our door,” he says.

Along with the change in location, the type of school is also a big change for Mr McFarlane.

As it is a ‘normal’ school, the school is heavily involved in training new teachers and has about 13 student teachers at the school.

Kelburn Normal was established in 1914, the same year as the Wellington Teacher’s Training College (now Victoria University), resulting in the relationship between Kelburn and Victoria.

The staff is working with Victoria University to develop a more effective teacher training program.

He says the program is helping both the student teachers and his teachers become better educators.

He also says the school is keeping student teachers in training for a full year.

Most schools only keep them for four to seven weeks.

“The teachers act as mentors and help the student teachers refine their skills,” he says.

Mr McFarlane says the students at Kelburn Normal are self-directing and independent learners and he credits this to the inclusion of technology in the school.

“Tech is a tool. It’s not replacing anything, it’s a substitute,” he says.

Andrew McFarlane says the inclusion of technology into the classroom makes the learning experience collaborative and connected.

Mr McFarlane calls the students of Kelburn Normal School creative, independent and artistic and says he feels very welcome in his new school community.

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