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Wednesday, 20 March 2019 12:54 pm

Plenty of jobs for journalism students entering news media

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FAIRFAX AWARD: Sue Teodoro and Fairfax Group Digital Editor Mark Stevens. IMAGES: Destina Munro (


SIX Whitireia Journalism and Broadcasting graduates have been hired and five more are going through interviews as the class of 2014-15 completes.*

Francesca Jago took the Wellington City Council Best Journalist Award of the 18 students from the National Diploma in Multi-media Journalism and the Whitireia Diploma in Radio Journalism. has already employed Francesca as a web-editor, and her fellow graduates already hired include Josh Price (NewstalkZB), Liam Cavanagh (Otago Daily Times), Nicole Adamson (Hutt News), Hayley Gastmeir (Wairarapa Times Age), and Sarah Wilson (Cook Islands News).

News media industry leaders were unanimous in their praise of Whitireia Journalism and Broadcasting at the annual graduation and awards dinner.

Fairfax Digital editor Mark Stevens and course advisory chair said everything that had been showcased during the awards was exactly what industry wanted – multi-skilled, committed newsgatherers and storytellers.

NZME.-NewstalkZB chief reporter Katrina Bennett said she was impressed with the way graduate Josh Price walked straight out of the student newsroom into a live environment and covered major breaking news at a media conference for the infant formula poisoning scare.

Whitireia Journalism programme manager Bernie Whelan said the number of jobs show that the industry has roles for digitally-savvy graduates.

An email to the industry earlier in March to announce the completion of the programme produced 12 replies with job opportunities within three hours.

Some of the highlights of the awards dinner and the programmes included:

Francesca Jago: Best Journalist overall, produced 10 news videos during the programme including two on internship at the Northern Advocate (a first for Whitireia); Best New Media award winner for her accomplished social media and web work. This link was a highlight from early in the programme:

Josh Price: Won NZME. NewztalkZB Award for Best Radio News Reporter and Best Sports Reporter and is taking up a position as sole charge for NZME.’s NewstalkZB in Taranaki.

Sue Teodoro: Won Fairfax National Diploma of Multimedia Journalism Best News Reporter, achieved a page lead story in the Dominion Post for a story of Maori land flags on Land Information New Zealand titles, is just about to have a feature on Wellington quake issues published in the DomPost and produced almost 100 stories during the programme. Here is a news video she produced with it:

Guest speaker for the awards dinner was TVNZ reporter Jehan Casinader, who inspired the graduating students with his experience of taking opportunities from a young age and getting published, getting on camera and travelling the world with journalism.

He urged them to stay focussed on making a difference and telling people’s stories, but also entertaining readers and viewers.

The awards presented were:

Fairfax Award for Best Shorthand Writer: Finalists, Liam Cavanagh, Amanda Carrington, YC Lee, Finn Rainger, Nicole Adamson, Tess Nichol; winner – Tess Nichol.

Whitireia Award for Best Sports Reporter: Finalists: Matt Lau, Jonty Dine, Josh Price, Eddy Kerr-Hislop; winner – Josh Price.

Whitireia Award for Best New Media Journalist: Finalists, Ashleigh Manning, Matt Lau, Lize Immelman, Sue Teodoro, Francesca Jago; winner – Francesca Jago.

Asia New Zealand Award for Best Diversity Reporter: Finalists, Hayley Gastmeier, Jonty Dine, Matt Lau, Tess Nichol, Lize Immelman, Josh Price; winner – Lize Immelman.

Wellington City Council Award for Best Local Government Reporter: Finalists, Amanda Herrera, Liam Cavanagh, Hayley Gastmeier, Sue Teodoro; winner – Sue Teodoro.

Pagemasters NZ Award for Best Subeditor and Designer Award: Finalists, Ashleigh Manning, Nicole Adamson, Hayley Gastmeier, Liam Cavanagh; winner – Nicole Adamson.

North & South Award for Best Feature Writer: Finalists, Finn Rainger, Tess Nichol,  Sue Teodoro; winner – Finn Rainger.

liam150Wellington Company for Best Radio Documentary: Finalists, Rachel Rasch, Eddie Kerr-Hislop, Josh Price, Lize Immelman; winners – Liz Immelman and Eddie Kerr-Hislop.

Harvey Norman Award for Best Photographer: Finalists, Francesca Jago, Amanda Carrington, Liam Cavanagh, Finn Rainger; winner – Liam Cavanagh (left).

Video Reporter Awards: Finalists, Nicole Adamson, Liam Cavanagh, Finn Rainer, Sue Teodoro, Francesca Jago.

TV3 Video Reporter Award winner: Nicole Adamson.

TVNZ Video Reporter Award winner: Liam Cavanagh.

NZME.-Newstalk ZB Best Radio News Reporter Award: Finalists, Rachel Rasch, Eddie Kerr-Hislop, Josh Price, Lize Immelman; winner – Josh Price.

Fairfax Best Award for National Diploma News Reporter: Finalists, Nicole Adamson, Francesca Jago, Sue Teodoro, Tessa Nichol, Finn Rainger, Liam Cavanagh; winner – Sue Teodoro.

Wellington City Council Award Best Journalist: Finalists drawn from all categories; winner – Francesca Jago.

* Within three weeks of the courses completing 15 students had media jobs.



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